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Microchip Offers Employees Education Tools for Success

Using Employer Tuition Benefits and a DeVryWorks Partnership


September 12, 2023
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Microchip Technology, a leading semiconductor manufacturer based in Arizona, already has a robust internal training program available to their 23,000 employees. However, leaders saw an untapped opportunity to invest in their team by providing an avenue to a formal education through the DeVry Completion Grant.


By partnering with DeVryWorks, Microchip team members are able to use their employer tuition benefits, offered by Microchip, and the DeVry Completion Grant makes up the difference. This opens up higher education to a new group of team members, making it accessible and financially attainable. This helps Microchip leadership use a benefit already available to employees to fill talent gaps in areas of need. Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Lauren Carr, shares how the organization is witnessing retention and growth thanks to DeVryWorks' talent solutions.

Lauren Carr, SVP of HR at Microchip Talks DeVryWorks Completion Grant

By partnering with DeVryWorks, Microchip Technology team members can use their employer tuition benefits, offered by Microchip, and the DeVry Completion Grant makes up the difference.

These are just a few of the tools for success that are available to you, making higher education more accessible and financially attainable. Hear from Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Lauren Carr, on how this program has led to employee retention, organizational growth and more.

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Video Transcript

Question: How does Microchip find skilled talent?

Answer: Microchip is successful semiconductor manufacturer and Chandler, AZ. We have about 23,000 employees worldwide and just over 2000 here in Arizona. Microchip is a great place to work because of our culture of teamwork, collaboration and continuous improvement. It's a great place to build a career.

Question: How is Microchip approaching the passing of the CHIPS act?

Answer: Microchip will benefit from the CHIPS Act in the tax credit area as well as the potential grant programs. I think it's in critical for the semiconductor industries growth and we'll add to what Microchip can do for its own growth.

Question: Why choose an educational partner to develop Microchip teams versus using in-house tools?

Answer: Microchip already has a robust internal training program, but we partnered with DeVry to take advantage of the formal education process classrooms, labs that they offer. Microchip selected the DeVryWorks Completion Grant program because it allows Microchip to address a unique skill set need that we have. Employees can use the tuition reimbursement program here at Microchip and the DeVryWorks Grant program makes up the difference and allows employees to improve their skills.

Question: Why select the DeVryWorks Completion Grant?

Answer: Microchip benefits from the partnership with DeVry. In many ways, the employees have an opportunity to increase their skill set through formal education. Those employees are more engaged working at Microchip and our stakeholders get to take advantage of that engagement and the success of Microchip.

Question: How might you use this opportunity to attract new talent for hire?

Answer: We use tuition reimbursement as an opportunity to connect directly with DeVry on specific skills and that will be attractive to employees looking to enter the technology industry. The DeVryWorks program has offered a unique opportunity to focus on the technician level employee that we've been having trouble finding and creating interest in the community. For those to take the certificate program and join technology companies like Microchip.

Question: How is the DeVry Completion Grant being received across Microchip?

Answer: The DeVryWorks program has been well received at Microchip. I definitely would recommend other leaders to partner with DeVry. They've been a great partner. Managers are engaged and participating in helping design curriculum. Our employees are signing up, so we know it's a success.

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