15 Channels to Use

Roadmap for Success: Your Educational Partner Launch Checklist


October 30, 2023
7 min read

So, you have a new education partner ready to be shared with your employees, or you’ve had one for some time and are ready to reinvigorate it with your teams. What’s next? Not to worry, we have some simple activations on the following checklist. Go through, select what you have access to and connect with your DeVryWorks representative to obtain the supporting material you need.  


Before proceeding, ensure you reinforce your team's awareness of employer tuition benefits, such as tuition reimbursement and assistance. Informing them about these benefits and ensuring they are comfortable with the policy will boost their confidence when they engage with their DeVry Admissions Representative. It's crucial that your employees fully understand the employer tuition benefits available to them. 

1. Build an Advocate Team

Gather a group of leaders and managers across the organization to help you identify the best channels and how to communicate within your specific organization. These people can be excellent champions in your success. 

2. Your Organization’s Intranet:

It’s important to take a purposeful approach to your intranet when communicating benefits, such as educational partners. We recommend sharing your tuition benefits alongside your educational partners, to inform and educate employees on their full benefits. 

3. Communicate to Leaders FIRST

Bring them in early and often. Functional leaders are likely looking to retain or upskill their team members and educational opportunities can help them do just those things! You want them to be the first to hear about benefits, so they’re ready to answer questions that arise from their employees. Consider emails and webinars so they’re aware of what is available and properly coached. 

4. Send Emails to Your Employees

This should include announcing DeVry University and Keller Graduate School as new educational partners. Make sure to highlight programs that are specifically valuable for your organization’s success. But don’t stop at just the announcement, be sure to continue to share the information and benefits, especially during Annual Enrollment. 

5. Breakroom Flyers/Cards/Table Tents

If your organization has breakrooms this could be a great opportunity to showcase reskilling and upskilling opportunities. We have flyers at the ready with QR codes so your team members can gain the information they need quickly. 

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By having meaningful career conversations and aligning a relevant learning pathway to build the right skills, you can transforming the passive benefit of a tuition policy program into a powerful tool for development, engagement, and retention.

6. Digital Screens

This eye-catching addition to any location—whether breakroom, facility floor, elevator, entry way—is a simple way to get the message out quickly. As a DeVryWorks partner you could have access to a custom video to help share tuition savings with your employees in seconds, complete with a custom QR code for quick access to benefits.

7. Organizational Podcasts

If you’re lucky enough to have an internal podcast at your organization, consider including an announcement about DeVry and Keller. We’re happy to organize a member of the team to participate in your next episode!

8. Onboarding and Orientation

This is a great time to share or reinforce your continual learning culture. Also, look at your employer tuition benefits policy and see if you provide new hires that benefit from day one. If you don’t, ask yourself why? 

9. Connect with Your Business Resource Group (BRG) Leaders

BRG leaders are looking for new ways to engage their groups. At DeVryWorks we’ve presented to a number of BRGs across various clients and topics. Oftentimes it just takes a quick introduction.

10. Schedule DVU-hosted Events for Your Teams

Did you know that we have trained event hosts ready to make your next team meeting stand apart?  We have a variety of event topics that you can select from in order to make sure the focus is spent on the places you see your team could grow.

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11. Town Halls

If your organization puts together larger gathers like, quarterly business check ins, townhalls or monthly huddles. Perhaps there is time to reinforce the opportunity for teams to use your employer tuition benefits to continue to develop in their career.

12. Annual Enrollment

What a great time of year to reinforce your tuition benefits and educational partners. Take the opportunity to shed light on all the great things your team has worked so hard to implement for the betterment of your organization and colleagues. 

13. Team Meetings

Your leaders are most certainly hosting team meetings. Ensuring your leaders are aware of your employer tuition benefits and partner savings with DeVry could open up doors to further education. Also, bring in your DeVryWorks representative to help tell that story.

14. Employee Newsletter

Do you have a recurring email or newsletter? What a great way to share this opportunity. If you need DeVry to help you with images or designs, we’re here to help.

15. Text Messaging

Text messaging can be especially helpful to reach those workers that don’t have a work email address. Deskless workers could benefit just as much, if not more, from an educational pathway as their office-working colleagues to prepare them to pursue their next career ambition. 

Are there any other channels that you have used or could use to share new educational partners with your employees? Connect with us to talk through how we can support these channels for your organization.