The Implications of High Inflation on Business

By Issam Abu-Ghallous & Luan Eshtrefi

April 19, 2022
7 min read

One of the most challenging economic dilemmas today, which effects business leaders and consumers, is high inflation. On average, prices have risen about 7.9% since 2021, with some commodities experiencing close to 50% price inflation. These videos examine topics such as:

  • The causes of current high inflation

  • The implications of higher prices

  • What you should know and do to survive the rapid hike in prices

Macroeconomic Indicators: GDP and Unemployment

Inflationary Pressures and Sectoral Examples

Sources and Implications of Inflation

Projections and Takeaways

About  Issam Abu-Ghallous

Associate Professor of Economics, DeVry University

Issam earned a BA in Business Administration from Bethlehem University in Palestine, an MBA from Lewis University, and a Ph.D. in International Economic Development from the University of Southern Mississippi. Issam joined DeVry University in 2015 and is currently teaching and designing economics and international relations courses.

About Luan Eshtrefi

Associate Professor of Business and Economics, DeVry University

Dr. Eshtrefi has two decades of experience in higher education, mainly teaching abroad. He teaches Business Economics and International Business at the Keller Graduate School of Management and has research interests in the fields of regional integration economics, entrepreneurship, and international business.

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