Direct Bill FAQs

Direct Bill FAQ's

Learn more about the benefits of a Direct Bill Plan and how partnering with DeVry University might offer your organization the opportunity to create an equitable, inclusive tuition policy. 

Direct Bill is available to students for whom an employer or third party will be paying DeVry directly for tuition and fees. The Direct Bill Plan allows the employer or 3rd party to delay full payment of the tuition and fees. 

Direct Bill is beneficial to the employee as the employer pays the  institution directly. A Direct Bill Plan assists your organization in creating a more equitable, inclusive environment allowing students to take out minimal to no loans or need to pay for their tuition in advance.

DeVry recognizes changing an organizational policy can be difficult, timely, and sometimes risky. To aid partners, DeVry offers a deferred payment plan to Direct Bill partners. Employees would still have to prove a satisfactory grade, but once they’ve done so, then your organization pays DeVry directly.

· If your organization’s policy requires proof of grade, the bill goes out approximately 1 week after the session concludes.

· If your organization’s policy does not require proof of grade, the bill goes out in week 5 of the session.

With delayed billing, payment is due within 30 – 45 days of receipt of the invoice .

· DeVry will only bill for students who have passed the course according to clients’ tuition policy.

· It is the client’s responsibility to notify DeVry if an employee does not meet the client’s tuition policy requirements. At that time, DeVry’s Student Success Advisor will notify the student of his/her outstanding balance.

· DeVry recommends that employees share their grades directly with their employer. This practice encourages meaningful career conversations and dialogue about the work-ready skills obtained by the employee. *

· *If a client partners with DeVry through the DeVry Completion Grant, DeVry will collect individual consent forms in order to provide grades for each employee who enrolls under the DeVry Completion Grant.

Partners can complete a short form provided by their Strategic Account Manager and return it to their Strategic Account Manager.