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Realizing Potential: Balancing Work and School

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May 6, 2024
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Culture of Learning with the DeVry Microchip Program

Discover the transformative journey of Microchip employees at DeVry in the video below from Curtis Wightman, Operations Manager at Microchip Technology. 

From upskilling employees to fostering a collaborative learning environment, witness firsthand how our programs can empower individuals to grow not just in knowledge but as better versions of themselves.

Dive into the world of online learning aligned to meet industry needs—where we aim to link theory and practice. Explore the delicate balance between work, school and life as our students navigate their educational journey. And hear more about the exciting prospects awaiting program graduates, from recognition to potential advancement and beyond. 

Video Transcript

Question: What is the experience of DeVry Microchip students?

Answer: It's been a positive experience. We have a number of employees going through the DeVry program right now, and they're learning. So we're upskilling those folks. What I particularly like is that they're working together on some of the assignments to help each other work through it.  Software engineers may be helping those that are just trying to become a lower-level technician or intro-level technician.

It starts there, people's confidence starts to grow and they understand that they can do more. I think that what I am seeing, especially for the people that are participating in this, is I am seeing growth and it's more than just the knowledge I'm seeing them become better versions of themselves.

I've seen a change in them, a positive change in each person that's going through it. So they're contributing more. Their performance is higher and they're learning more. 

It's been a very positive experience.

Question: How is online learning going for the team?

Answer: What's unique about what DeVry offers is that it's very targeted based off of the programs that they have for what we need. And so, our employees are getting the skill sets that they need to be successful. They're putting what they learn at DeVry to practice.

So they are getting to do programing. They are getting to work actually with their hands. Between the knowledge that they get, the discussion they have and the coursework that they're doing with DeVry the career that they have with us at Microchip it really is a robust training program.

Question: What is the balance like for a working student at Microchip?

Answer: I had a few people, when this first came out, who wanted to do more than one course at a time. DeVry actually said, you know, there's a reason that we have to do one course at a time. 

There is a number of coursework hours that are required each week, but it is doable and it is achievable and the one course a week pacing makes it ideal, it fits very well with our workers. It does not become a too much of a burden. 

Question: What’s the next step for program graduates?

Answer: Taking on one more thing does make things a little bit more difficult when you're trying to balance work, school, life, family, things like that, but we do want to recognize that. And if the opportunity does present itself this is a gateway for a promotional type thing, where we could look at them and move them up. Other things, you know, we have other ways of recognizing, rewarding folks. Getting them on more difficult projects, because now they have that experience necessary to participate in those things. I think the big thing is a recognition side of it and that, hey, I see you, I know that you're going above and beyond, ou're trying to make yourself better and I appreciate that--we appreciate that.

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Clark Barber
Vice President, DeVryWorks
We believe affordability is key for providing access to educational opportunities. That's why we are offering qualifying employees of select organizations the DeVry Completion Grant. It was designed to reduce tuition debt for those looking to pursue their educational aspirations, helping to make it more affordable.
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