Building a Diverse Tech Talent Pipeline

Meeting the Challenges of a Rapidly Evolving Technology Landscape

Our 10Kx25 Initiative: Meeting the Challenges of a Rapidly Evolving Technology Landscape

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, with the demand for skilled professionals in the tech sector at an all-time high. But the opportunity gap in education, also referred to as the “accessibility gap” or “education gap,” has resulted in an underrepresentation of diverse talent, such as women, African Americans and Hispanics, in technology roles. Whether stemming from socioeconomic factors like race, household income, community wealth or lack of emphasis on the pursuit of post-secondary education, or physical barriers like nutritional deficiencies, lack of internet connectivity or the isolation of schools in rural communities, the opportunity gap persists.


Tech industry leaders facing the challenges of hiring diverse talent have also identified a schism between a person’s actual abilities and access to opportunity and their belief in themselves. Once adult learners are able to bridge this “belief gap,” their ability to see themselves in a tech career becomes much clearer.

Participating in a May 2023 DeVry University roundtable discussion, Ashwin Bharath, CEO of the tech talent enablement firm Revature, emphasized that closing the belief gap is crucial to solving the tech opportunity gap. He added that compelling pathways can be created through sponsorship and mentorship programs that lift the confidence of career seekers and entry-level employees in IT and cyber security, and by making career entry accessible, affordable and affable (as in more welcoming).

Innovative solutions create meaningful opportunities

Through our 10Kx25 initiative, DeVry is committed to closing the opportunity gap by mobilizing diverse tech talent for your organization, creating educational opportunities for new students and new hires alike and improving employee retention.

Our students and alumni are a diverse, qualified and career-ready group of graduates, near-grads and new students in our innovative technology degree and certificate programs in areas like cyber security, cloud computing, data analytics, coding and others.

Our Scholars Programs are helping to close the diversity gap

Our tech talent pipeline is fortified by our leading-edge Scholars Programs that help students from underrepresented communities pursue tech careers. Since 2021 more than 7,000 students have been admitted to our NextGen Hispanic, Women+Tech and Future Cyber Defenders Scholars Programs, gaining access to workshops, hands-on learning opportunities and industry-related internship and job opportunities.

10Kx25: Building a Diverse Tech Talent Pipeline

Our Goal: Place 10,000 New Tech Talents in Jobs By The End of 2025