Connecting Employers with Workforce Development Funding

The high cost of acquiring a new employee, which now exceeds $4,600,1 is causing many employers to look for alternative methods of funding talent acquisition. At DeVryWorks, we can show you how to redirect the dollars you’re already investing in recruiting toward new and innovative solutions that get better results and don’t require you to implement new procedures.

Funding strategies that improve affordability, bring on the skills more directly

To connect employers with the financial resources needed to acquire, upskill and reskill employees and minimize the financial impact on both the employer and the employee learner, our DeVryWorks consultants work diligently to match program costs with a variety of funding opportunities. Our goal is to achieve a low-cost or, in some cases, a no-cost educational experience. To avoid skills mismatches, we align our customized learning pathways with the skills your organization is looking to advance.

Identifying Funding Sources

Through innovative tuition assistance and scholarship programs, partnerships with economic and workforce development organizations and a diligent search for available grant dollars, we help you get the funding needed to develop a diverse, agile and highly skilled workforce to face today’s challenges and tomorrow’s possibilities.

Talent acquisition funding: Spend smarter, not more

Redirect the dollars you’re investing in traditional recruiting toward a scholarship that will educate new hires while they work for you. Let’s put together a customized plan.

Grant programs unleash potential and reduce debt burden

Public grant programs can reduce tuition debt burden for both the employer and employee. We partner with state Economic Development and Workforce Development organizations on program development, often when employers are planning to open new facilities. Examples of resources include state financial aid programs and grants enabled by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

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Make your tuition assistance program a win-win

Are you taking advantage of the tax benefits of a tuition benefits program? The shared tax deduction for employer and employee is $5,250 per employee, per year. Your tuition benefits program could also help employees pay down debt from previous education.

Tuition assistance ranks among the most popular employee perks.2 According to recent survey results, however, while 63% of organizations in the United States offer tuition benefits, only 1-5% of employees utilize those benefits.3 If your TB program is underutilized, we can help you find out why, remove the barriers and ensure your program is aligned with your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Organizational scholarships contribute to long-term growth

Invest in your people and your growth by launching your own scholarship programs, meeting the same tax deduction requirements, enhancing your DEI initiatives and further engaging knowledge-hungry employees.

DeVry corporate education partnerships provide even more benefits

For qualifying employers, this partnership program offers tuition savings, which can include complimentary 3-credit hour courses, tuition discounts and family education benefits.

DeVry completion grants close the loop

Completion grants, available to employer partners that offer tuition assistance of at least $5,250 per year per employee, can result in a low or no-tuition debt option for your employees. How do we make this happen? After state grant dollars and employer tuition benefits are applied, DeVry makes up the difference.

Partner with DeVryWorks to Reach Your Employee Development Goals

With so many creative ways to fund talent acquisition and upskilling or reskilling initiatives, what’s holding you back? Contact our Enterprise Solutions team today to begin developing your workforce of tomorrow.