Closing the Opportunity Gap

Building a Diverse Tech Talent Pipeline 

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The world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Demand for skilled professionals in the tech sector is at an all-time high. But an opportunity gap persists, resulting in an underrepresentation of diverse talent such as women, African Americans and Hispanics in technology roles. 

  • Only 29% of tech workers are women, 8% are Hispanic and 9% are Black1

  • Two-thirds of employers (68%) report a lack of diversity in their tech workforce2

  • 70% of job seekers are attracted to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion3

Our Goal: Place 10,000 New Tech Talents in Jobs By the End of 2025

With our 10Kx25 initiative, DeVry is committed to closing the opportunity gap by mobilizing a diverse tech talent pipeline, creating educational opportunities for new students and new hires alike and improving employee retention.

Our students and alumni are a diverse, qualified and career-ready group of graduates, near-grads and new students in our innovative technology degree and certificate programs in areas like software development, cyber security, cloud computing and data analysis.

68% of business leaders report a lack of diversity.

Innovative solutions for tech employers

Mobilize diverse tech talent for your organization
Uncover unique talent pipelines
Reduce talent acquisition costs and improve speed to hire
Target the specific locations where you need on-site talent
Provide educational opportunities for new hires
Improve employee retention

Join Us in This Game-Changing Initiative

There are several ways to join this initiative as a 10Kx25 partner. Help close the opportunity gap and bring more diversity to the tech industry by:stance, calling to increase diversity.

  • Hiring DeVry students and alumni

  • Creating a scholarship to lower or eliminate tuition costs for employee learners

  • Providing “last mile training” through apprenticeships or job-specific certifications

Let's start a conversation about your tech talent diversity needs.

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