Fox News - Labor Day Alert: American Workers Feel Disposable

What Should the 1/3 of Employed Americans That Believe They Are Disposable Do to Attain Durability in a Time of Uncertainty?

This Labor Day, when American workers should be feeling recognized and celebrated, nearly one in four employed Americans (24 percent) believe that American workers are not valued, according to a surveybyDeVry University. Perhaps more shocking, 36 percent of survey respondents report that based on their employer’s actions since the start of the pandemic, they believe their employer views them as “disposable.”

“Earlier this year, we were dividing the American workforce into ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ workers, and now we have ‘the disposable worker’,” said Alexandra Levit, best-selling career and workforce author. “It is heartbreaking, but perhaps not surprising, as both companies and employees navigate a challenging landscape. This Labor Day workers can, and should, take time to evaluate their careers and take steps to build what DeVry University calls ‘career durability.’”

Watch the interview with Alexandra Levit on Fox & Friends:


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