Understanding Workplace Sentiment During COVID-19

Nearly one in four employed Americans (24 percent) believe that American workers are not valued, according to a survey by DeVry University. Also, 36 percent of respondents reported that based on their employer’s actions since the start of the pandemic, they believe their employer views them as “disposable.” The survey also explored what the American worker believes can be done to build a more “durable” versus “disposable” work environment. The findings included

  • Tenure and Education Don’t Matter
    • What Workers Believe Employers Value Most
      • 65% Hard Work
      • 49% Meeting Goals and Deadlines
      • 43% Positive Mindset
    • What Workers Believe Employers Value Least:
      • 22% Industry Experience
      • 16% Education Level
      • 14% Years with the Company
  • Paycheck Over Health
    • Workers Say Employers Can Do These To Demonstrate Appreciation:
      • 69% Pay Increases
      • 34% Awards and Recognition
      • 30% More Work Schedule Flexibility
    • But Few Feel Appreciated Via These Activities:
      • 17% More Pandemic Safety Measures
      • 17% Start Offering a Health Insurance Plan or Offer a Better Health Insurance Plan
      • 10% Access to PTO and Sick Leave

For details on the survey and its findings, click here for the Executive Summary.