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  • DeVry University Leaning in to Close Diversity Gap In Technology-Driven Careers

    Naperville, Ill. - Jan. 18, 2022 - The divide in workforce equity persists as labor forces are being dramatically reshaped by continuous technological change, making tech-fluency all the more vital to help close that gap. DeVry University is committed to being a part of that solution through the launch of its NextGen Hispanic Scholars Program, which is designed to help Hispanic, Latino and Latina students overcome tech skills barriers and become workforce-ready by graduation.

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  • DeVry University Professor Named as Fulbright Specialist

    Naperville, Ill. - Jan. 12, 2022 - DeVry University Professor Mike Reitzel, Ph.D., was recently named a Fulbright Specialist, a program within the U.S. Department of State for U.S. academics and established professionals. As a Fulbright Specialist, Reitzel will travel overseas to engage in project-based exchanges at assigned “host” companies, serving as an expert consultant on critical projects.

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  • Latest Tech Advancements Revitalize Tomorrow's Engineering Technology Career Opportunities

    Naperville, Ill. - Jan. 10, 2022 - As technology evolves, so does the field of engineering technology. Career options in engineering technology are growing, with opportunities emerging in 5G, smart sensors, renewable energy, the Internet of Things and other disruptive technologies. Job openings requiring at least one disruptive tech skill are projected to grow between 17% and 135% over the next five years.

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  • Robert Wrubel Named Chief Innovation and Partnerships Officer at DeVry University

    Naperville, Ill. - Jan. 3, 2022 - Technology has dramatically changed how Americans live and work, and the skills needed for jobs today and careers of tomorrow. The application of continuous improvement has evolved to continuous innovation. To accelerate DeVry's innovation, Robert Wrubel is being appointed as DeVry University's new Chief Innovation and Partnerships Officer, effective today.

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  • American Airlines Names DeVry University Partner of the Year

    Naperville, Ill. - Dec. 16, 2021 - American Airlines named DeVry University its first-ever Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRG) External Partner of the Year. Committed to the professional development of all personnel, the airline established the DeVry University American Airlines Grant Program to offer one-time grants to eligible employees to further develop their skills. DeVry was awarded External Partner of the Year for its commitment to bringing leadership development and relevant tech skills education to American Airline’s workforce.

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  • DeVry University Adds Technology, Innovation and Inclusive Growth Leaders Krisztina 'Z' Holly and Raquel Tamez to Board of Trustees

    Naperville, Ill. - Nov. 15, 2021 -  According to PwC's The Future of Work - a Journey to 2022 report, "Disruptive innovations are creating new industries and business models and destroying old ones. New technologies, data analytics and social networks are having a huge impact on how people communicate, collaborate and work. As generations collide, workforces become more diverse and people work longer; traditional career models may soon be a thing of the past. Many of the roles and job titles of tomorrow will be ones we've not even thought of yet[1]."

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