From Aspiration to Action: DeVry University Releases Annual Impact Report

DeVry continues its commitment to close the opportunity gap, reshape the workforce of tomorrow

Lisle, Ill. – Feb. 13, 2024DeVry University released its annual Impact Report today, which shares the university's impact on its students, corporate partners, the economy and communities. The report, From Aspiration to Action: Closing the Opportunity Gap, examines the university's role in helping reshape the workforce of tomorrow, particularly centered around opening access in tech fields for diverse and underserved learners and helping prepare them for an AI-driven future.


“As workforce demands shift at a rapid pace, organizations will continue to struggle to find the future-oriented talent they need to succeed, especially as we see the impacts of technological innovation like AI unfold,” said Elise Awwad, DeVry’s University’s president and CEO. “DeVry operates with a very specific purpose—to help prepare learners for thriving careers in an economy transformed by technology.”  


The academic year 2023 Impact Report, From Aspiration to Action: Closing the Opportunity Gap, provides an in-depth look at DeVry’s relentless support of student success while examining its influence on reshaping the workforce of tomorrow by preparing talent that immediately meets the needs of the market. Examples from the report showcasing this impact include:


· Creating access to education and career opportunities for underrepresented talent: In 2023, 11,894 students earned a degree or certificate from DeVry University and the Keller Graduate School of Management.[1] DeVry students are 55.3% female, 87.1% are at least 26 years old[2] and 57.4% are parents supporting children and other dependents.[3] DeVry’s students embody the diverse, resilient and dynamic workforce of the future that our society so desperately needs.

· Responding to the opportunity gap in tech: DeVry remains committed to helping close the digital skills gap by supporting diverse learners and educating them with programming that is aligned with their future careers. DeVry’s Scholars Programs continued rapid growth in 2023, with more than 7,500 students enrolled last year across its three program areas.  

· Making higher education more affordable through scholarships and funding: DeVry is committed to helping minimize the cost of pursuing an education for its students while maximizing the return on their investment. The university offers numerous institutional scholarships, grants, and tuition savings to help make higher education more accessible, equitable and affordable. In fact, DeVry has increased scholarships and tuition savings offered by 36% since 2020.[4]  

· Delivering a career-centered education: DeVry revitalizes its curriculum pathways based on industry feedback and student outcomes. In 2023, 4,800 students enrolled in new or enhanced programs. Over the 2023 academic year, the university continually refreshed its 470+ courses.  

· Supporting students throughout their career journeys: DeVry’s Culture of Care supports learners when and where they need it. Its total session-to-session persistence has increased from 83.1% in the academic year 2019 to 87.6% in the academic year 2023, positively influencing graduation outcomes.[5]

· Helping prepare learners for an AI-driven future: To empower the next generation of AI leaders, DeVry is building upon its existing curricula in AI and integrating AI concepts across its academic programs.  


“DeVry’s unique legacy is rooted in access and innovation. Our forward-thinking founders envisioned the kind of technology-focused, hands-on education that DeVry still stands for today,” added Awwad. “As educators, we must continue to evolve and adapt to the changing trends in the marketplace and help prepare learners to thrive in careers shaped by technology. Our purpose and mission have never been more important.”


For more information and to read the full report, please click here.


[1] DeVry University graduates conferred degrees and certificates between July 2022-May 2023

[2] Internal data. Reflects percentage of 2023 graduates who self-reported gender

[3] Data is comprised of self-reported elements from the FAFSA for students who graduated between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023

[4] Data is inclusive of all partner tuition savings, institutional scholarships and grants for the academic years for 2020 through 2023. The academic year listed begins July 1st and concludes June 30th.

[5] Persistence % = # matriculating students enrolled into next session / # of matriculating students less graduated students.

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