Crypto: A Perfect Time for More Women to Have a Seat at the Table, Randi Zuckerberg Says

Author, radio host, and entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss tackling the gender gap in the digital workforce, collaborating with DeVry University to launch the Women+Tech scholars program, and the opportunities for women across the crypto industry.

Video Transcript

- It's International Women's Day, so let's turn now to women in tech. Now, women make up roughly half of the workforce, yet they are significantly underrepresented in tech, holding 28% of the jobs in the sector. Well, now the acceleration of digital trends looks to be an opportunity to close the gap.

Joining us now to weigh in is author, radio host, and serial entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg. Randi, great to have you on the show. So I want to ask you, because obviously, when COVID came about, people working from home, sort of hybrid work, as well, a lot of people thought this was really going to help level the playing field when it came to some of these digital jobs for women. But what are you seeing?

RANDI ZUCKERBERG: It's interesting. I think that the remote work, it both created new opportunities, but also a lot of new challenges. Unfortunately, what we saw during the pandemic is that a lot of women stepped out of the workforce because we kind of went back to traditional roles in households, where, with schools shutting down, a lot of women were doing double duty and leaving the workforce. So we're still playing a bit of catchup from that.

Read the full story in the Yahoo Finance.

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