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  • Moving from a Career Services Department to a Career Enablement Commitment

    March 1, 2023

    It’s not a surprise for us in higher education to find out that the forlorn Career Services Department has a target on its back, yet again. In the age of Handshake and Zoom, some experts are pondering where the true value of traditional career services lies rather than evaluating the broader shortfall in how colleges and universities think about career support for students.  

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  • Want to retain and empower employees? Rethink tuition benefits program

    NAPERVILLE, Ill - February 27, 2023

    (BPT) - Talent wars. Great resignation. Quiet quitting. Hiring, retaining and inspiring employees to be their best is no small feat these days. Leadership at companies big and small are looking for ways to improve their workforce and professional development is a hot topic.

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  • Why Access, Education and Support are Vital to Close the Gender Gap in Tech Careers

    NAPERVILLE, Ill - February 5, 2023

    While women make up approximately half of the U.S. workforce, they are critically underrepresented in the technology sector, making up a meager 28% of the industry. These numbers are even lower for women of color seeking opportunities in the field, with only 3% of computing-related jobs being filled by African American women, 6% by Asian women and 2% by Hispanic women.

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  • DeVry University Releases First Annual Impact Report

    NAPERVILLE, Ill - January 16, 2023

    DeVry University released today its first annual Impact Report, which shares DeVry University’s impact on our students, corporate partners, the economy and communities. The report closely examines the current state of higher education and how DeVry’s unique approach is helping to drive better outcomes and close the opportunity gap for diverse, underserved learners.

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  • DeVry University Welcomes Public Policy and Workforce Development Leaders Jane Oates and Max Stier to Board of Trustees

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - January 11, 2023

    DeVry University has appointed Jane Oates, president of WorkingNation and Partnership for Public Service’s President and CEO, Max Stier to  

    its Board of Trustees to help govern DeVry as an education leader and fulfill its mission to close society’s opportunity gap through increased access to education, relevant partnerships and unmatched support to traditional and nontraditional students. 

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  • UNCF Partners with DeVry University to Help 42 Students of Color Gain Work-Ready Skills More Quickly

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - December 19, 2022

    DeVry University and UNCF (United Negro College Fund) joined forces to help students of color earn skill-based credentials in eight to 18 months. This unique partnership was designed to provide access to DeVry’s certificate programs, preparing students with the skills and resources to help them succeed in today’s digital economy.

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