From Humble Beginnings to the Pinnacle of Tech: Edwige A. Robinson's Journey of Belief Will Inspire DeVry's Class of 2024

LISLE, Ill. – June 3, 2024 – When Edwige A. Robinson takes the stage at the commencement ceremonies for DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management on June 9th, it will be a full-circle moment for the accomplished tech leader. Edwige herself once sat in the audience as a proud graduate of DeVry's bachelor's degree program in Technical Management in 2006 and its Keller Graduate School of Management's MBA degree program in 2012. Now, she returns as the inspirational keynote speaker for the Class of 2024.


"It's an honor to be invited back to my alma mater to address the graduating Class of 2024," Edwige says. "When I think of DeVry, I think of second chances, opportunity and support."


Today, Edwige is at the pinnacle of the tech industry.  Her 27-year career in the industry has led her to be widely recognized as a visionary, innovator and thought leader. She is a trailblazing senior executive in strategy and innovation and is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. Most recently, she published an inspirational memoir, "Believe It's Possible," based on her personal motto of envisioning and believing in your goals before bringing them to life.  


"I believe that achieving a goal, dream or aspiration begins in one's mind like an inner work where you first envision overcoming all possible obstacles,' Edwige explains. 'And that belief inside of yourself serves as a kind of seed planting and germination for your dream to grow."


When speaking to this year's graduates, Edwige plans to emphasize betting on yourself. "When you think about it, a new manager or company will bet on you by just looking at your resume and hiring you. So, if a stranger can bet on you, why can't you bet on yourself?" Edwige points out.


For Edwige, education provided an opportunity to bet on herself and open new doors. Her story traces back to humble beginnings in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa. She eventually immigrated to America and learned English. Though her entry into technology was unintentional, she quickly found her passion.


"I learned how to work on the motherboard for satellite systems and how to connect transistors and resistors circuitry," Edwige recalls. "The quicker you learn what you like, the quicker you will learn what you're meant to do," she added.


Known as "the professional problem solver, or P.P.S.," Edwige is driven to find solutions for those around her – the sign of a true leader, she says. "When people tell me there's problem, it gets me super excited because we are about to engage on a solution quest. Whether you're a leader, frontline person, manager, senior director or VP, your mission should be to make things easier on others."


Beyond her professional achievements, Edwige is also passionate about being a mentor. In fact, her reputation as a mentor is lauded, having been named the "Most Visible Role Model in Tech" by the Million STEM and "One of the Most Influential Women in Tech" by CIO Africa. She regularly shares her insights and experience with young girls and women through several organizations and entities, including DeVry’s Women+Tech Scholars Program.


While traveling back to Africa on vacation, she was proud to see the impact of expanding connectivity worldwide. "I traveled back to Cote d'Ivoire and visited a village that was without running water, however people had 3G phones! This is a power of connectivity," she explains. "Access to connectivity is changing lives, creating new opportunities, and helping people stay connected, even in the most rural communities."


Edwige's story is about seizing opportunity and believing in one's potential. She stands poised to inspire DeVry's Class of 2024 to do the same. 

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