Equality Matters: Why We Must Champion Women in Tech and Move the Needle Forward

Lisle, Ill. – March 12, 2024 – As we celebrate Women's History Month, it's important to recognize and honor the contributions of women throughout history. However, the statistics today show we still have a long way to go to achieve gender equity in tech careers.


According to recent reports, women make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce but only about 28% of the technology sector[1]. The statistics are even more sobering for women of color, with only 3% of computing jobs held by African American women, 7% held by Asian women, and 2% held by Hispanic women[2].


"Closing the opportunity gap in tech for women translates to resolving systemic barriers including a lack of mentorship and advancement opportunities," said Scarlett Howery, DeVry University's vice president of Public Workforce Solutions.


The challenges that women face in tech are multifold. Unconscious bias and stereotype threats are real barriers oftentimes discouraging women from pursuing tech roles or advancing in their careers. The male-dominated culture is still prevalent in many tech companies and can make women feel like they don’t belong. Additionally, the lack of role models and mentors leaves many women finding it challenging to see themselves in leadership positions within the industry. 


“Increasing the presence of women in tech, especially in leadership roles, has the ability to unlock the industry’s full potential,” said Elise Awwad, DeVry University’s president and CEO. “Women significantly contribute to every sector, providing essential skills and perspectives that fuel innovation and growth.”


Organizations must do their part to remedy these inequities. Tech companies need to double down on promoting inclusion, tackling biases, and creating opportunities for mentorship and advancement of women. And, above all, educators must encourage young girls to pursue STEM fields.


“We must work to address and dismantle the barriers that restrict women’s access to and advancement in technology-based careers,” added Awwad, who became the first female president and CEO of the university last year. “The time is now to make education more accessible and opportunities more equal.”


In that vein, DeVry University is actively working to reduce the underrepresentation of women in the technology industry. Through the Women+Tech Scholars Program, DeVry provides tools and resources specifically designed to support women as they pursue careers in tech. By championing women in tech and creating a more inclusive industry, we can leverage the talents of all and build a better future together.


“In the tapestry of progress, women are the pioneers of innovation, shattering barriers and weaving threads of inclusion,” said Veronica Calderon, DeVry University's chief inclusion, belonging and equity officer. “Their bold strides redefine possibilities, creating a world where every voice resonates, and every dream flourishes.”


When organizations empower women in the tech workforce, they are empowering future generations of female leaders and promoting an inclusive future that benefit us all. This Women’s History Month let’s re-commit to building that future. Our daughters and granddaughters deserve nothing less.


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[2] https://builtin.com/women-tech/women-in-tech-workplace-statistics

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