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DeVry University Releases First Annual Impact Report

DeVry University released today its first annual Impact Report, which shares DeVry University’s impact on our students, corporate partners, the economy and communities. The report closely examines the current state of higher education and how DeVry’s unique approach is helping to drive better outcomes and close the opportunity gap for diverse, underserved learners.

“DeVry operates with a very specific purpose different than what most people consider to be higher education—to help learners at any stage in their academic journey create thriving careers in an economy transformed by technology,” said Tom Monahan, president and CEO at DeVry University. “As an educator focused on accountability and transparency, communicating our progress in driving this pivotal purpose is crucial to continued success for students and companies seeking to hire skilled talent.”

The academic year 2022 Impact Report explores DeVry’s impact on its two-sided marketplace approach: helping students and alumni achieve their goals through education while simultaneously helping corporate and community partners meet their goals by preparing talent that immediately meets the needs of the market. Through accessible, innovative programs, relevant partnerships and exceptional care, this approach takes aim at society’s opportunity gap. Examples from the report showcasing this impact include:

  • Creating access to education and career opportunities for underrepresented talent: 59% of DeVry undergraduate students identify with a race or ethnic group other than white. The total number of DeVry’s Scholars programs participants has increased by 476% from academic year 2022 to 2023, including its Women + Tech and NextGen Hispanics Scholars.  
  • Meeting the talent needs of today’s businesses: DeVry has an active network of more than 3,000 corporate partners. Nearly 400 organizations put team members into a DeVry learning pathway in academic year 2022.
  • Creating affordable education. In a sector where tuition and fees have jumped on average by 150% over the past 20 years, DeVry has held tuition flat since 2020.
  • Matching courses to careers shaped by technological change. DeVry has launched 15 new or enhanced programs since Sept. 2020, and the number of students enrolling in these programs increased 69.6% from academic year 2021 to 2022.
  • Keeping students engaged. DeVry's total session-to-session persistence has increased from 83.1% in academic year 2019 to 87.3% in academic year 2022. This will lead to increased graduation rates.

DeVry University has made accountability a bedrock principle. As a result, the university will publish an annual Impact Report going forward to continue to hold itself publicly accountable for making progress toward fulfilling its mission.   

For more information and to read the full report, please click here

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