DeVry University Launches AI Lab to Advance Learner Success

DeVry is fulfilling its mission to prepare learners to thrive in a tech-driven workforce

NAPERVILLE, Ill. – Sept 12, 2023 – DeVry University announced today the launch of its unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab to help transform academic potential into academic performance and advance learner ambition. DeVry is reinforcing its commitment to closing the opportunity gap by providing an education tailored to address the needs of an AI-driven workplace.


“Our nation’s need for a skilled AI workforce increases each day and can only be met by preparing new learners and upskilling existing workers,” said Elise Awwad, DeVry University’s president and chief executive officer. “DeVry operates with a very specific purpose—to help learners at any stage in their academic journey and to help prepare them for thriving careers in an economy transformed by technology. The AI Lab will create a more supportive and engaging learning environment for our learners.”


According to Cengage Group’s 2023 Graduate Employability Report college graduates are worried about the impact that the rapid emergence of generative AI tools will have on their employability. Moreover, employers also acknowledge that the hiring landscape is being changed quickly by the new technology, leading them to look for new hires that can combine so-called “soft skills” like emotional intelligence, negotiation, and communication with the ability to work with the assistance of artificial intelligence.


DeVry’s AI Lab will seek to understand which professional skills are necessary for an AI-driven workplace, how to prepare for a successful career amidst the unprecedented disruption of jobs, and ultimately inform DeVry’s curriculum, learner experience, and career services.


“AI is advancing at an exponential pace, impacting every industry and function of our nation’s economy,” added Shantanu Bose, Ph.D., DeVry University’s provost and chief academic officer. “As educators, we must help prepare learners for a workforce that is shaped by technology, which is why DeVry's AI Lab will focus on evolving our curriculum to reflect the urgent needs of the marketplace. Building upon our award-winning Digital Care Engine, the Lab will incorporate AI tools to enhance our learning experience.” 


DeVry has been leading the way in using AI learning technologies to improve its learner and classroom experiences. Since 2018, DeVry has used an adaptive learning platform, powered by AI, to improve math course outcomes. In 2020, DeVry introduced a course in AI and machine learning (ML) which is now embedded in six degrees and two certificate programs. Furthermore, DeVry has established a peer-to-peer student community that uses natural language processing (NLP) to encourage connections and sharing, and launched Lifetime Career Services which continues to evolve through the use of machine learning.


For more information, visit: DeVry’s AI Resource Center

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