DeVry Helps Address Transfer Credit Challenge with Seamless Pathway for Community College Students

Naperville, Ill. – Aug. 1, 2022 – A student’s decision to transfer from one school to another is one filled with both anticipation about pursuing their education and frustration with the credit transfer process. According to the latest report from U.S. Government Accountability Office1, transfer students lose, on average, 43 percent of their credits, costing them more time and money to complete their post-secondary education.

According to John Mullane, president of College Transfer Solutions, “The largest barrier to a transfer student completing a bachelor’s degree is losing credits when transferring {sic}, the more credits they lose, the less likely they are to be able to complete their degree2”

To facilitate a more seamless transfer process, DeVry University is announcing its Transfer Advantage60 Pledge, which will help community college graduates in transferring their credits and continue their education. Specifically, the pledge with our partner community colleges will allow DeVry to block transfer the 60 credit hours community college graduates earned from their qualifying associates degree that will enable them to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting or Technical Management. Students may be able to transfer up to a total of 90 credits from all earned credits pending a transcript evaluation.

About the Transfer Advantage60 Pledge

The Advantage60 Transfer Pledge is designed to provide graduates from our partner community colleges with an instant transcript evaluation to ensure they keep their 60 earned credits when transferring to DeVry and enrolling into the following programs:

  • Transfer with an associate degree: Enroll in bachelor’s degree in Technical Management and choose from 13 specializations.
  • Transfer with an associate degree in Marketing, Accounting or Business: Enroll in bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and choose from 11 specializations.

Transfer students are immediately assigned a Student Support Advisor who guides them through their course selection, academic planning, financial aid, and graduation requirements.

Transfer students will also be considered for a Future Ready Transfer Scholarship, which provides $1,000 during the first eight-week session and $6,100 to complete their last 12 credit hours, for a maximum lifetime award of up to $7,100.

“DeVry’s Transfer Advantage60 Pledge marks a significant milestone in our goal of helping students move through their educational journey,” said College of Lake County President Lori Suddick, Ed.D., based in Lake County, Ill. “We’re especially proud to offer our students the opportunity to transfer to a four-year university without losing any of their hard-earned credits. As a community college, we want our students to continue with their education and ultimately succeed in work and life.”

“The Transfer Advantage60 Pledge provides our students a wonderful opportunity to transfer all of the credits earned at a TCSG college to DeVry University,” added Technical College System of Georgia Commissioner, Greg Dozier. “We’re proud to partner with DeVry University and believe DeVry is a good fit for those TCSG students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree after graduation.”

To date, 28 community colleges and community college systems are participating, with 23 more expected to take the pledge. For a complete list of participating community colleges, click here.

“With community college transfer students representing 49 percent3 of students who earn bachelor’s degrees in the U.S., we know how important a smooth transfer process is to the academic success of those students,” said Shantanu Bose, Ph.D., provost and chief academic officer, DeVry University. “We are doing our part at DeVry to work with community colleges to help ensure their students can have a smooth transition and keep their hard-earned credits.”

For more information, visit DeVry’s Transfer Advantage60 Pledge

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