DeVry University Takes Point on Transparency and Accountability

Naperville, Ill. - Feb. 9, 2021 - DeVry University is announcing its Accountability Principles, which reflect the University’s pledge to keep transparency, student service and career readiness at the core of its work. DeVry’s mission is to close society’s opportunity gap by preparing learners to thrive in careers that will be shaped by continuous technological change. To that end, the University is focused on empowering students to meaningfully improve their lives through innovative programs, relevant partnerships and exceptional care. The Accountability Principles are the foundational pillars around which DeVry will both fulfill its mission and build upon to continue to do right by its students.

“Student service has long been at the core of this institution, and in 2016, DeVry began to formally – and publicly – hold ourselves accountable to do more and do better, and create opportunities for reflection and improvement. As part of our longer-term planning process, we saw an opportunity not only to renew our commitment to students, but to update and rearticulate these Accountability Principles as one important way of holding ourselves accountable for the success of our students and the health of our sector,” said Tom Monahan, President and CEO at DeVry University.  “We owe it to our students to adhere to high standards of excellence and work tirelessly to exceed our own standards again and again—and we owe it to higher education to lead by example in doing so.”

DeVry University will strive to meet and exceed these benchmarks of student service:

●      Responsible Recruiting and Enrollment
  • We empower prospective students to make informed decisions about investing in higher education and the career pathways it affords.
●      Financial Literacy and Responsible Borrowing
  • We ensure students have access to the practical resources and knowledge necessary to understand available financial aid options and make informed financing and borrowing decisions.
●      Proactive Academic and Student Support
  • We provide the support students and graduates need to help them be sucessfull in their careers and lives—our institution exists to help students succeed, and we must support their career and life readiness.
●      Accountability and Transparency
  • We recognize that public disclosure is the key to ensuring our institution remains accountable for our values and how we operate—we need to be transparent and hold ourselves accountable first.

The full text of the Accountability Principles is available at:

“With the tumultuous events of 2020, higher education needs to come back strong in 2021 to keep students engaged and prepared,” adds Monahan. “If we are to better serve students, who are among those most impacted by the pandemic, we all must commit to prioritizing transparency and accountability. Through that effort, we can create fully informed and equitable access to the learning necessary to spark recovery in this critical moment.”

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