DeVry President & CEO Tom Monahan's Message about April 20th

DeVry University releases statement about George Floyd verdict

Naperville, Ill. - Apr. 20, 2021 - It has been nearly a year since the killing of George Floyd, and the peaceful protests and violent demonstrations that followed. Sadly, this country has seen more senseless deaths and violence since that have impacted the black community, Asian Pacific community, local grocery store shoppers, schools, and others. While I cannot fathom the pain these communities and families have endured, I will share that DeVry University is standing with those communities and against systemic racism throughout our country. 

This past year has been a pivotal moment in time in our country’s history. As Americans, it’s imperative that we come together to end the pervasive nature and impact of racism, and work towards solutions. As an institution of higher learning – and in particular, as an institution focused on closing the opportunity gap - we must do our part to provide an environment that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion, where all students, faculty and staff are respected and feel accepted for who they are, no matter their race.  And to be engaged actively in the dialogue on the treatment of, and justice for, black Americans, Asian Americans, and all who suffer from systemic injustice and lack of economic opportunity.

Through our Diversity & Inclusion Council, DeVry is continuing to lead and encourage dialogue among our faculty and staff, and with our students on how to create a better, safer and more inclusive today and tomorrow.

While today’s verdict may bring a sense of justice to the Floyd family and to the community in Minneapolis, it by no means diminishes the hugely important work ahead that our whole nation faces to build an equitable and just society. I’m proud to lead an organization that embraces diversity and inclusion as part of our culture of Care. And my greatest expression of gratitude to the DeVry Diversity & Inclusion Council for their partnership in these efforts. We pledge to remain an active participant in conversations on equity and race, and in service to diverse students and colleagues. And in reflection of today, the DeVry community will work stridently to bring an end to the racism that so profoundly impacts the black community every day. #BlackLivesMatter

I am and continue to be #DeVryProud, 

Tom Monahan
President & CEO
DeVry University

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