DeVry University Announces Landmark Lifelong Learning Resources to Support Graduates’ Professional Development

“Career Compact” Empowers Grads to Take Control of Their Careers at Every Stage

Naperville, Ill. – Sept. 30, 2021 – DeVry University is announcing a comprehensive, ongoing  commitment to engage and support current and future alumni in meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing workforce with "Career Compact," a lifelong career and professional learning resource developed as a complimentary benefit for all current and future DeVry and Keller Graduate School of Management graduates.

Now more than ever, continual professional development is needed to keep up with the persistent transformation of the world of work as research shows half of all employees need to upskill or reskill by 2025 to embrace new responsibilities driven by automation and technology.[1] Academic experiences that are augmented with the University’s unending support beyond graduation can help professionals and leaders stay relevant.

In response, DeVry designed its Career Compact to offer a unique combination of features that will support alumni not only when they achieve their academic milestones but also across the entire span of their careers. The Career Compact ensures graduates have complimentary access to personalized career advising, curated skills curricula and career navigation resources that will help enable them to keep pace with evolving workforce demands.

“At DeVry, we measure ourselves by the return that our students generate from their investment with us – a return that they generate not only during and immediately after their academic work, but across their careers. As automation and technology continue to drive workplace expectations and responsibilities, DeVry’s Career Compact is the next step in our unwavering commitment to ensuring our current and future graduates have the support they may need over the course of their professional journeys,” said Tom Monahan, president and CEO of DeVry University. “We also know that – while this represents a major new initiative for both DeVry and higher education – it also represents an area where we are committed to innovation and leadership as the world of work changes in the years ahead.”

Through Career Compact, DeVry and Keller alumni receive the following:

·        Career advising and one-on-one career coaching from graduation and beyond: Online resources for planning and acting on career goals, including 1:1 coaching, skills and strength assessments, job search support, resume and interview tips and a professional growth webinar series covering the following topics:

o   Communication Skills: Connecting with Clarity and Confidence​

o   The Power of Service: Creating Positive Interaction

o   Resolving Workplace Conflict: Transform Conflict into Collaboration​

o   Time Management Strategies: The Power of Focus in a Digital World

o   Project Management Skills: Navigating Projects and Tasks​

·        Unlimited access to career navigation resources: An online library of resources for career navigation to provide support and insights in keeping pace with the technological transformation of today’s work environment.

·        Curated skill curricula: Specifically curated, self-driven learning pathways in areas such as leadership, project management, human resources, accounting/finance, IT and networking, cybersecurity, programming, and coding. Learning formats include bootcamps, certification training courses and hands-on online labs.

·        Stackable credentials and tuition savings: DeVry offers several programs that are designed to earn qualifying credits which can be stacked into the next degree, cutting down the time and cost for graduates to earn their next credential, as well as tuition savings specially for alumni.

“My company provides a spectrum of advanced digital transformation services to international and government agencies, along with Fortune 500 organizations throughout the world, requiring a level of talent and skills that are currently difficult to source,” said Nelson Brown, CEO of Omni Business Solutions and DeVry University alum. “Reskilling and upskilling are fundamental components of keeping up with technological advancement and are an investment in where all industries are headed. I’m encouraged and excited to see DeVry supporting its alumni with the resources to invest in themselves and their futures with its Career Compact program.”

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