Industry Focus

Curriculum Driven by Today’s Cyber Security Industry

At DeVry, we go to great lengths to make sure we’re effectively preparing you to pursue roles in the workplace of tomorrow. Learn how we leverage industry partners and insights to develop programs that align with your goals.

DeVry’s CEO Roundtable

Former DeVry University President and CEO, Tom Monahan, connected with leaders from various industries to discuss the cyber talent shortage at DeVry’s inaugural CEO Roundtable. Explore common themes as these leaders discuss ways to solve this urgent challenge to corporate performance and national security.

National Advisory Committee (NAC)

Our National Advisory Committee meets annually. During these meetings, industry experts collaborate with DeVry faculty and administrators to review our program portfolio and provide guidance and recommendations.


David Belcher
White Cap
Vice President, IT infrastructure, Operations and Security

Theodore Darko
Chief Information Security Officer

Matt DeChant
Security Counsel LLC

Arif Hoque
Cloud Customer Engineer

Mark Merkow
Application Security Architecture and Design

Community of Practice Symposiums

Our Community of Practice Symposiums are held annually and bring together DeVry students, faculty, alumni, industry partners and experts to assess and respond to the needs of the community, leverage our findings to educate the current and future workforce and inspire the information technology and information security community through outreach and support. These virtual events are free of charge and aim to improve community collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing.

Community Engagement

We strive to make a difference in our own communities by offering programs that educate and inform today’s youth about the vast world of cyber security. 


In collaboration with local high schools, these sprint-like events are led by DeVry Professors to help students learn to develop and utilize appropriate software to access various operating systems, web platforms and video game algorithms. Students are divided into teams to collectively work to solve tasks, gaining exposure to the cyber security industry and skills that can evolve into a life-long career or interest.



HerWorld – A Woman’s World in Technology - is DeVry University’s proprietary program that introduces unrepresented, middle school-aged girls to STEM and careers in technology by building curiosity around tech careers and developing their digital fluency and technology confidence. 

Industry Partners

Here at DeVry University, we partner with a wide array of organizations to bring you well-rounded curriculum, job and internship opportunities and so much more. Some of our partners include:

  • Amazon

  • Cisco

  • Cloud Range

  • CompTIA

  • EC Council

  • Microsoft

  • WiCyS

  • WITI