Scarlett Howery

Vice President, Public Workforce Solutions

As the Vice President of Public Workforce Solutions at DeVry University, I lead the strategic development and implementation of innovative programs and partnerships that bridge the gap between education and employment for adult learners. With an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, I leverage my expertise in building and maintaining relationships with employers, government agencies, and community organizations to create customized solutions that meet their workforce needs and enhance their talent pipeline. 
I have been a part of DeVry and Keller for over 19 years, starting from admissions and progressing to campus operations and university partnerships. Throughout my career, I have focused on providing exceptional student care and support, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence, and driving operational excellence and efficiency. I have also been a passionate advocate for first-generation college students, like myself, who face unique challenges and barriers in pursuing higher education. I believe in the power of technology-enhanced education to prepare students for the careers of today and tomorrow, and I strive to make DeVry a leader in this field.