Richard Korczyk

Chief Experience Officer, DeVry University

Richard Korczyk is the Chief Experience Officer of DeVry University. He is responsible for delivering on DeVry’s Mission and commitment to student CARE throughout the learner experience. Korczyk focuses on evaluating the whole learner eco-system, keeping DeVry’s learners at the center and architecting experiences to improve both learner and institutional outcomes. He also oversees learner experience strategy in partnership with all departments within the University, driving analytics, business process engineering, and experience mapping to align stakeholders in DeVry’s commitment to CARE.

Since starting with DeVry in 2009, Korczyk has held various leadership positions, including Vice President of Operations & Innovation. He started as an Admissions Advisor and continued taking on increased responsibility, expanding the core of University operations and support for DeVry’s Admissions, Student Central, Training, Student Central Operations, Career Services, Contact Center Services, and DeVryWorks organizations. He also was a key sponsor and led the implementation of DeVry’s Women+Tech and Future Cyber Defenders scholars programs.

Korczyk holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Saint Xavier University. He also earned an MBA and graduate certificate in Customer Experience Management from DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management