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IT Degree Programs

Today's information technology, tomorrow's careers.

From healthcare to electronics to computers, skilled IT degree professionals are needed to design, run, and maintain the technology that allows the systems in these industries to function successfully. If you're pursuing a career that requires the skills of an IT degree holder, DeVry University can help with degree programs that incorporate an in-depth knowledge and hands-on use of today's information technology.

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IT Degree Programs

Health Information Technology


In hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics, and health-insurance companies, health information technology professionals are needed to collect, analyze, and maintain patient records. With a Health Information Technology associate degree from DeVry University, you'll be poised to take advantage of career opportunities that information technology degree holders excel in.

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Biomedical Engineering Technology (BMET)


As the role of technology in healthcare continues to expand and the healthcare industry continues to grow, skilled biomedical engineers who can apply computer information technology to biomedical data will be in demand. When you earn a Biomedical Engineering Technology bachelor's degree at DeVry University, you'll gain engineering expertise, an understanding of biological processes, and the skills and experience of an IT degree holder.

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Electronics Engineering Technology (EET)


From computer systems analysts to IT business consultants to electronics developers, EET graduates possess a highly specialized knowledge of information technology. DeVry University's electronics engineering technology bachelor's degree program prepares you to apply information technology skills to developing and implementing electronics technology.

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Computer Information Systems


Wherever computing technology is at work, IT plays an active role in the way software and computer systems are implemented. With a computer information systems bachelor's degree from DeVry University, you'll be prepared to apply your knowledge of computer science, business, and project management principles and techniques, as well as the skills of an IT degree holder.

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