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Electronics Engineering Technology

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Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) Degree Program

Electronic circuits are the building blocks of the technology revolution. Individuals who can build, test, program, and troubleshoot electrical circuitry are consistently in demand. If you enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together, an EET degree from DeVry could put you at the forefront of this growing industry.

Our Engineering Technology Program's hands-on approach gets you real experience bringing software and circuit hardware together. So you get the skills in electronics you need for your future.

When you earn your Electronics Engineering Technology degree from DeVry University, you will:

  • Gain the skills you need through our rigorous, ETAC of ABET-accredited* onsite program
  • Get hands-on, practical electrical engineering experience
  • Bring software and circuit hardware together as you design, build, and troubleshoot electronic circuits by hand, leveraging capacitors, resistors, inductors, transistors, and wiring
  • Create essential simulations to validate circuit designs, just like in business world
  • Develop employer-valued skills through rigorous, ETAC of ABET-accredited onsite programs
  • Have the option to specialize in the green field of Renewable Energy

You also have the option of earning your degree online with our bachelor's degree in Engineering Technology-Electronics (ET-E). Online Engineering Technology students experience hands-on training in building circuits using a toolkit they receive by mail. On campus or online, you'll have the same hands-on experience working with electronic circuitry and equipment and being taught by experienced practitioners.

Learn more about how your bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University can be applied in a variety of exciting and growing career fields. Request more information.

Program Objectives, Student Outcomes, and Enrollment/Graduation Data

*The BMET, CET, and EET degree programs are accredited, by location, by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET, The most recent information on the status of ETAC of ABET accreditation of a location's program is available in the Academic Catalog and at following programs, offered online and onsite, are not accredited by ETAC of ABET: Engineering Technology - Computers, and Engineering Technology - Electronics. DeVry will seek accreditation for these programs when appropriate in accordance with ETAC of ABET procedures. Future accreditation is not guaranteed.

**Program availability varies by location.

Program Details


Career Fields

Many Ways to Learn


We offer a specialization within the Electronics Engineering Technology degree program.

Career Fields

When you earn your bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry, you'll be preparing for a number of exciting career fields, such as:

  • Test Engineering
  • Application Engineering
  • Integration Engineering
Many Ways to Learn

DeVry offers classes several different ways:

Please note that program, courses, and extended classroom availability varies by location. Learn more about DeVry's Engineering Technology - Electronics degree programs online and Engineering Technology - Computers degree program online.

Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering Technology 1

Graduation Requirements

  1. full-time semesters
    full-time semesters
  2. credit hours
    credit hours

(available on campus) (In New York, degree is Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering Technology.) Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology-Electronics (online degree program)


Tuition & Financial Aid

Learn more about opportunities to help make your degree more affordable, including merit and needs-based scholarships, grants, loans and the military group tuition rate. 

Transfer Credits

We believe you deserve credit for coursework you’ve already completed. Learn how DeVry can help you apply qualifying credits – up to 80 credit hours – toward your degree program.