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College of Media Arts & Technology

Web Game Programming Degree Specialization

Learn how to create web-based games and dynamic web pages with a degree in Multimedia Design and Development (MDD) from DeVry University with a specialization in Web Game Programming. You'll learn how to use multimedia tools and techniques to integrate movie clips, sound effects, images, and animations into your projects. Master the design and development of web-based games, as well as how to install, configure, and maintain game-server software with tools like ActionScript™.

Follow a career track in Web Game Programming by choosing this specialization when you earn your bachelor's degree in Multimedia Design and Development from DeVry University. This specialized degree program will enable you to pursue a passion for gaming while still providing a well-rounded education in web graphic design applicable to almost any industry. Upon graduation, you'll have created a wide array of digital media to build a full professional portfolio that will help you present yourself to potential employers.

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Web Game Programming Courses

When you specialize your Multimedia Design and Development degree in Web Game Programming, your coursework may include these career-enhancing Web Game Programming courses:

  • Interactive Web Page Scripting– Using a scripting language, students in this course design and script basic interactive web page components and web-based games. Topics include basic programming fundamentals and object handling techniques.
  • Programming Multimedia for the Web– Students in this Web Game Programming course use multimedia authoring tools and techniques to create web-based games and dynamic web pages. Integrating and controlling multimedia assets such as movie clips, sound effects, images, and animations are addressed.
  • Game Development– Using an object-oriented game engine with libraries, students in this course apply game design principles to develop sample games. Technical considerations and industry best practices are covered.
  • Dynamic Web Site Development and Database Integration– This Web Game Programming course introduces advanced techniques to design and develop dynamic web sites through use of cascading style sheets (CSSs), integration of databases, server-side scripting, and large site management.
  • Multiplayer Online Game Development– Exploring design, development, and play characteristics of multiplayer online games, students in this Web Game Programming course install, configure, and maintain game server software; deploy a simple multimedia game using the server; and manage and audit the server. ActionScript is used to configure server functionality.

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