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College of Business & Management

Sales and Marketing Degree Specialization

Marketing and selling products and services in today's competitive business environment requires a sophisticated skill set. Choose a bachelor's degree in business or management with a Sales and Marketing degree specialization, and develop those unique talents. Our faculty in this area bring years of real-world industry experience to the classroom and provide actual case studies for instruction. Upon graduation, find a career in fields like advertising, sales, marketing, promotions, or in public relations.

Follow a career track in Sales and Marketing by choosing this specialization when you earn one of the following bachelor's degrees from DeVry University:

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Sales and Marketing Courses

When you enroll in Sales and Marketing degree specialization, your coursework may include these career-enhancing courses:

  • Consumer Behavior – Students in this Sales and Marketing course analyze consumer-purchasing behavior as it relates to development of marketing mix programs. Important considerations include economic, psychological, cultural, cognitive, and social factors.
  • Advertising and Public Relations – Providing an in-depth look at the field, this Sales and Marketing course covers media relations, media buying, determining appropriate media, promotions, public relations and publicity development tools, methods for improving customer satisfaction, relationship-building strategies, and ethics in advertising and public relations.
  • Salesmanship – This course addresses the complex and demanding responsibilities of sales personnel, including forecasting, territory management, understanding customer expectations and buyer behavior, gathering feedback, communicating, budgeting, and relating sales goals to marketing goals.
  • International Marketing – Providing a conceptual framework for marketing internationally, whether exporting or establishing a multi-national enterprise (MNE), this course explores development of international marketing programs as well as various macroenvironmental factors that affect decision-making in an international setting.
  • Creativity, Innovation and New Product Development – Concentrating on creativity and innovation as tools for marketers and small business managers, students in this Sales and Marketing course identify opportunities for using these processes and apply them to implement and expand product lines in corporate and entrepreneurial ventures as well as to introduce new products.

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