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Human Resource Management Degree Specialization

Virtually every industry employs human resource, training, and labor relations managers and consultants. A DeVry University business degree with a Human Resource Management degree specialization can allow you to take advantage of this demand. You'll develop the specific business and management skills needed to build a human resource management career in a number of dynamic roles. These include compensation manager, employee assistance or benefits manager, equal employment opportunity (EEO) or affirmative action coordinator, labor relations manager, recruiter, and human resources information systems specialist.

Follow a career track in Human Resource Management by choosing this specialization when you earn one of the following bachelor’s degrees from DeVry University:

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Human Resource Management Courses

When you specialize your business degree in Human Resource Management, your coursework may include these career-enhancing courses:

  • Employment Law – Surveying federal and state laws as they affect the human resource function, this course explores equal employment opportunity, employment agreements, wage and overtime payment, and other regulatory issues. 
  • Labor Relations – Examining the evolution of interaction between management and labor in a corporate environment, this course focuses on the American labor movement, federal and state labor laws, and collective bargaining, mediation, and work stoppage.
  • Human Resource Information Systems – Students in this human resource management course explore the hardware and software options available for managing the human resource function and apply technology to developing, maintaining, and managing human resource information.
  • Strategic Staffing – In developing a strategic structure that corporations with human resources can use to achieve organizational goals, students in this course learn strategies and techniques for planning, recruiting, selecting, training, and retaining employees.
  • Training and Development – This human resource management course examines training and organizational development techniques used by corporations to improve individual and corporate effectiveness. Topics include needs analysis, implementation planning, and outcomes assessment for individuals and organizations.
  • Compensation and Benefits– Focusing on how organizations use pay systems and benefit plans to achieve corporate goals, this human resource management course explores compensation design, analysis, and evaluation and both legally required and voluntary benefit options.

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