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The nation's #1 path to accounting careers.DeVry, Keller, Becker
Our grads say:

"By attending Keller, I didn't have to take the GMAT exam for graduate school and the CPA review courses were part of the curriculum."

Get on the Fast Track

Get on the Fast Track to an Exciting Career

As the nation's #1 path to careers in accounting, DeVry University, it's Keller Graduate School of Management and Becker CPA Review prepare you for a career that can take you wherever you want to go in less time than other educational routes.

  • At DeVry University: Complete your bachelor's degree in accounting or business administration with a concentration in accounting in as few as 3 years.
  • Through Keller: Earn your master's degree by completing 11-12 courses instead of the 15-16 needed at other graduate schools* (when you are a DeVry University grad eligible for 4 course exemptions**).
  • With Becker: Prepare to pass the CPA Exam while earning your master's degree, as Keller coursework can integrate the Becker CPA Review learning approach and materials.
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Earn Top Accounting Credentials and Save

DeVry University, Keller and Becker give you a complete road map to obtaining an accounting education that includes an MBA, while preparing you to pass the CPA Exam. And because you can receive a highly credentialed accounting education in as few as 5 years, you can save 2 years, 7 courses and more than $10,000 in tuition. The advantages over any other educational route are clear.

Whether starting as a high-school grad, transferring from a community college or changing career focus, you can earn the credentials that can position you to be one of the most sought-after professionals in accounting. DeVry University, Keller and Becker can take you there quickly.

Learn more about how you can fast track your accounting education through DeVry University, Keller and Becker - and save!

*Fast track is not applicable to Master's in Accounting degree program

**Course exemptions not available in New York.