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  1. <p>DeVry University degrees awarded</p>

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    DeVry University degrees awarded



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    Years of success preparing students for careers in their chosen fields

Hear From Our Alumni

“My professors … they were also my coaches.  And my biggest supporters. Their guidance from start to finish helped me get my latest promotion … here at Microsoft.”

Shelly Joseph, 1999 Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology; 2006 Master of Business Administration; 2012 Master of Public Administration

Technical Account Manager, Microsoft

“I was always fascinated by how computers worked and as a result I was naturally gifted in using them. I figured being a software developer would never cease to be challenging. Without [the] flexibility [of DeVry’s weekend and online classes], I wouldn’t have been able to succeed.”

Corey Magin, 2010 Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, Federal Way Campus

.NET Application Developer, FrontStream Payments

“DeVry had the kind of accreditation I was seeking and most of my teachers were amazing. DeVry was simply a great experience overall.”

Angela Ginn, 2008 Bachelor’s in Computer Information Science, Kansas City Campus

Implementation Specialist, eNeighborhoods

“My experience at DeVry was a welcoming one, the staff members were courteous and helpful at all times. The Professors are qualified in their respective fields and being a person who was out of the classroom setting for more than 13 years, they created a conducive environment for learning.”

Keisha M. Wemyss, 2009 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, concentration in Accounting, Florida

Vice President Finance & Security, WemCo Security & Collections Company Limited

“I think because I grew up somewhat poor and my family had very little that I have been motivated to provide something better for my family than I had. With hard work, making the right decisions, and the right education – like that I received from DeVry – I believe anyone can be a success.”

John Gibson, 2004 Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, Bay Area

President, Tripwire