Paralympic and Olympic Student Athletes

We're Proud to Support Team USA

It never ceases to inspire us—the vision, ambition and sheer determination of our students earning a degree while balancing the demands of life. This fierce drive is exemplified by our Paralympic and Olympic student athletes on Team USA. Training and travel, athletic career and academics, family and friends—it’s a lot to juggle on the journey to achieving great things. We know where there’s a will, there’s a way, and it’s impressive what can be accomplished when we help students find that way, whatever their aspirations may be.

As an official education provider for Team USA, DeVry University is proud to offer the level of flexibility and support that helps these athletes power through to their highest goals. From the first step on their educational path with us through their push to reach elite levels in athletics, to wherever their bright futures may take them, we’re huge fans of our more than 100 Team USA student athletes. Please join us in cheering them on as they pursue their Olympic dreams.