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Human Resources

What Can You Do with an MBA in Human Resources?

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An MBA in human resources can be a great way to help expand your career opportunities, pursue higher education or broaden your skillset. In fact, many of the skills learned during a human resources-focused MBA program can help you understand how the fields of human resources and business intersect by giving you the opportunity to explore employee needs and learn how to balance them with the goals of the company.

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In this article, we'll explore some of the things that you can do with an MBA in human resources in terms of potential career paths, discuss projected growth for this career field and more in the following sections:

Jobs for MBA in Human Resources Graduates

If your passion is people, a career in human resources might be a good choice. Of course, what you can do with an MBA in human resources is not limited to just that field. Since an MBA in human resources is a business degree at its core, you'll also study business administration concepts, explore people management and develop your leadership abilities that can help you prepare to pursue certain business roles as well.

When you earn an MBA with a Specialization in Human Resources from DeVry, you’ll have the chance to discover practical applications for technology that can help you prepare to meet the challenges of the modern day workplace. You’ll also learn how to approach planning, hiring, problem solving, team leadership and communication skills.

And because an MBA in human resources is graduate degree geared toward preparing students for leadership roles, it may also help you prepare for management-level jobs that you might not have been able to before.

Here are just a few jobs that graduates of DeVry’s MBA with a Specialization in Human Resources might consider after graduation:

  • Human Resources Manager

    An HR Manager is typically in charge of the administrative responsibilities within company’s human resources department. They may oversee a team of HR professionals working on the recruitment, hiring and interviewing of staff, serve as a liaison between a company and its employees and work with upper management for planning or in an advisory capacity.

  • Compensation and Benefits Manager

    These managers are typically responsible for overseeing the pay and benefits packages for a company’s employees. They may work with vendors to develop better benefit packages, create plans for incentives and bonuses and analyze data to ensure their pay structure is competitive for their industry.

  • Training and Development Manager

    A Training and Development Manager is in charge of developing the curriculum for a company’s training program, making sure they align with the company culture and business goals. They also work to determine budget, staffing and decide how the training will be administered.

  • Technical Recruiter

    Technical Recruiters are responsible for screening candidates to determine if they have the desired technical skills for a position. They may collaborate with hiring managers to establish the skills that are required for a position and present them with candidates.

Expected Job Growth in the Human Resources Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of human resources managers is expected to increase by 9% on a national level between 2020 and 20301.

Keep in mind that the growth rate will vary depending on your location.

Can a Human Resources MBA Be Earned Online?

Yes! You can absolutely earn a Human Resources MBA online. At DeVry, we make earning an MBA with a Specialization in Human Resources easy to fit into your schedule by offering it through both our online and an online/in-person hybrid formats.

Earning your MBA online can be a great way for you to work toward furthering your education without interrupting your day-to-day life. With online programs, you can study when it’s convenient for you, allowing you to maintain your existing commitments such as working a full-time job or caring for family members.

Earn your MBA at DeVry

If you’re interested in working toward advancing your career by earning your MBA with a Specialization in Human Resources, contact us and one of our helpful Admissions Representatives will help you get started.

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1Job growth projected on a national level. Local growth will vary by location.