Online Engineering Technology – Computers Degree Program

Online Engineering Technology – Computers Degree Program

Designing and implementing the hardware and software of complex technologies are some of the skills you can acquire by completing the online Engineering Technology – Computers degree program. With an online Engineering Technology – Computers degree, you can have the qualifications to enter various industries such as research, manufacturing, medical, communications, security, and consumer products markets. If you want to help create the technological advancements that we use in our everyday lives, consider enrolling in DeVry's online Engineering Technology – Computers degree program.

When you earn your Engineering Technology - Computers degree from DeVry University, you can:

  • Get hands-on experience bringing software and circuit hardware together
  • Design, build, and troubleshoot electronic circuits by hand, leveraging capacitors, resistors, inductors, transistors and wiring

Whether you decide to enroll on our on campus* Computer Engineering Technology degree program, or online, your classes will be taught by qualified practitioner faculty and you'll have the same hands-on experience working with electronic circuitry and equipment.

Discover how a bachelor's degree in Engineering Technology - Computers from DeVry University may help you pursue your career ambitions. Request more information.


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$487/Credit Hour

Accreditation Matters

Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission

It matters to you. And it matters to employers. Accreditation provides recognition. Establishes respect. And can help you stand out.

We’re proud to offer Engineering Technology programs that are accredited** by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET,

This is a global mark of excellence, recognized and valued by employers and professional associations within the Engineering Technology field. ETAC of ABET only awards accreditation to institutions that exhibit technical education excellence, so you can be confident in the quality of your engineering technology degree.

And because employers value ETAC of ABET, it’s a meaningful proof-point you’ll be proud to add to your resume.

*Program availability varies by location.

**The Biomedical Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Engineering Technology – Computers and Engineering Technology-Electronics programs are accredited, on-site by location or online, by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET, The most recent information on which programs are ETAC of ABET accredited at which locations is available in the Academic Catalog and at

Online Learning

One of the many benefits of being an online student at DeVry is the accessibility to DeVry's online learning platform. With this platform you can interact with professors and other students to receive help or create academic and meaningful discussions. Online students have access to a variety of resources both in-person and on the web. These resources include your professors, student support advisor, Student Services, the Student Finance Team, and the Technical Help Desk. To learn more about the benefits of an online education from DeVry, check the online degree program page.

Program Coursework

Our online bachelor's in Engineering Technology – Computers curriculum may include the following courses:

  • Communications Systems
  • Signal Processing
  • Programming Environments
  • Microprocessor Architecture

To learn more about the required and elective courses for earning your bachelor's Engineering Technology- Electronics degree online, request information or see the DeVry University undergraduate academic catalog.