DeVry’s Technology Tenets

From our early beginnings in 1931 to now, DeVry has been educating a diverse student-body for relevant careers in our rapidly changing, digital economy. To that end, we build our programs on strong tenets – aimed to help our students thrive during their academic journey and beyond:

  • DeVry understands that having tech competency is essential to durable career value.

    Regardless of industry, most careers leverage some type of digital tools, programs or systems.  We aim to provide all of our students with that relevant knowledge and an opportunity to build their tech relevant skills.
  • We believe technology-enabled careers are for everyone. Regardless of tech savviness, a variety of career options exist for anyone with interest and ambition. No matter your level of experience, we have the program structure and student support to help you gain new knowledge and skills.

  • While acquiring technology related skills is vital, so is acquiring a broader set of capabilities to maximize career potential. Combining relevant core business, soft skills and digital capabilities is essential to long term career success. At DeVry, we build our programs with that in mind.

  • It’s time educators stepped up. Technology skills and business skills continue to intersect across roles and industriescreating a gap between skills needed and those who have them. DeVry is on a relentless pursuit to help close that gap, while at the same time, putting the power in our learner’s hands to lead future innovations.