DeVry University 90th Anniversary Media Kit

DeVry University proudly celebrates 90 years as a pioneer of innovative education and online learning as it continues its mission of providing students with educational pathways to help prepare them for an ever-changing digital workforce.

DeVry’s history begins with the innovative mind of our founder, Dr. Herman DeVry, who invented the portable movie projector and earned a number of patents by advancing technology early on in the motion picture industry, and Dr. Lee De Forest, inventor of the vacuum tube. With Dr. DeVry’s invention of the first portable projector, he expanded the reach of film, bringing movies out of the theater and into businesses, homes and most importantly, into classrooms.

Dr. DeVry and Dr. De Forest believed visual learning would advance education – and change the world. In 1931, they established De Forest’s Training, Inc., a DeVry School, in Chicago.

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DeVry’s Technology Tenets

At DeVry, we believe it’s vital for our students to acquire a broad set of capabilities to maximize their career potential. That’s why we provide our students with not only core business and soft skills, but also an understanding of relevant technologies associated within their area of study – enabling our students to thrive during their academic journey and beyond.

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Preparing students for the digital workforce:

With technology and automation dramatically changing the way Americans work, DeVry is committed to addressing the need for workers to reskill in order to keep pace with the rate of technological change. To underscore the university’s Mission to close society’s opportunity gap and prepare learners to thrive in a digitally driven workforce, DeVry launched a series of tech certificates in 2020.

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Women+Tech Scholars Program

Working to close the opportunity gap for women in STEM careers, DeVry launched its new Women+Tech Scholars Program to help women gain the technological skills required to launch successful careers in the technology industry. 

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