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Human Resource Management Careers Overview

Individuals who can demonstrate integrity, discretion, and fair-mindedness are a rare commodity in today's world. That's why employers all across the country are constantly searching for capable and reliable human resource management professionals. In the human resources field, you'll be providing all sorts of services that can include employee support, labor relations, employment law, training and staffing, or maintenance of an entire HR system. Your DeVry University education will equip you with knowledge about current business practices, experience with HR practices, and strong communication skills, so you'll have the foundation you need to help effectively manage a company's workforce.

Professional Responsibilities


Career Options

Professional Responsibilities

When you earn your bachelor's degree in Business Administration from DeVry University with a major in Human Resource Management, you'll be prepared to spearhead a wide variety of personnel issues. Your professional responsibilities could include:

  • Interviewing and hiring employees
  • Developing personnel policies with top management
  • Managing employee benefits
  • Investigating and resolving grievances
  • Maintaining confidential records and personnel files
  • Coordinating equipment acquisition and IT access
  • Preparing new hire manuals and conducting orientation

Human resource management careers can be found nearly every industry, including:

  • Corporations
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Government offices
  • Education
  • Healthcare
Career Options

DeVry University graduates in Business Administration with a major in Human Resource Management will be prepared for careers in areas such as:

  • Benefits and compensation
  • Employee relations
  • Human resource information systems
  • Training and development

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