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Alumni Tuition Benefits

*Special tuition rate charged at 10% less than prevailing tuition rate. Restrictions, requirements, and eligibility apply. Eligible family members include: a spouse, biological child, stepchild, Aunt/uncles, cousins, siblings, in-laws, nieces/nephews, legally adopted child, child for whom the alumni is a court appointed guardian, and child of a domestic partner. Family members are also defined as a domestic partner, in a committed long-term relationship, with a partner of the same or opposite sex. Neither party can be legally married to other individuals. Adoptive or biological parents of the eligible alumni can also qualify.

Count on the DeVry University Community

  1. <p>DeVry University degrees awarded</p>
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    DeVry University degrees awarded



  2. <p>Years of success preparing students for careers in their chosen fields</p>

    Years of success preparing students for careers in their chosen fields

Hear From Our Alumni

“My professors … they were also my coaches.  And my biggest supporters. Their guidance from start to finish helped me get my latest promotion … here at Microsoft.”

Shelly Joseph, 1999 Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology; 2006 Master of Business Administration; 2012 Master of Public Administration

Technical Account Manager, Microsoft

“I was always fascinated by how computers worked and as a result I was naturally gifted in using them. I figured being a software developer would never cease to be challenging. Without [the] flexibility [of DeVry’s weekend and online classes], I wouldn’t have been able to succeed.”

Corey Magin, 2010 Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, Federal Way Campus

.NET Application Developer, FrontStream Payments

“DeVry had the kind of accreditation I was seeking and most of my teachers were amazing. DeVry was simply a great experience overall.”

Angela Ginn, 2008 Bachelor’s in Computer Information Science, Kansas City Campus

Implementation Specialist, eNeighborhoods

“My experience at DeVry was a welcoming one, the staff members were courteous and helpful at all times. The Professors are qualified in their respective fields and being a person who was out of the classroom setting for more than 13 years, they created a conducive environment for learning.”

Keisha M. Wemyss, 2009 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, concentration in Accounting, Florida

Vice President Finance & Security, WemCo Security & Collections Company Limited

“I think because I grew up somewhat poor and my family had very little that I have been motivated to provide something better for my family than I had. With hard work, making the right decisions, and the right education – like that I received from DeVry – I believe anyone can be a success.”

John Gibson, 2004 Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, Bay Area

President, Tripwire