DeVry's Connected Classroom Technology

In one of DeVry's connected classrooms, you can experience a virtual learning community that goes beyond on-campus and online courses, joining campuses and centers across the country.

Using an innovative suite of classroom technologies, students and professors take part in active learning sessions, complete group projects and interact across extended classrooms, in real time.

Powerful new levels of live collaboration and shared resources are now possible with a learning experience that helps you prepare to work in today's global business environment, as you sharpen your critical thinking and communication skills.

Join a classroom on the leading edge of learning

Professor with students in a classroom

Learn from some of our most experienced faculty, and work with a diverse student community in connected classrooms coast-to-coast.*

*Connected classroom technology is not available in all locations.

Students in a classroom

Access more courses with seats available, even when they are offered in other cities, which may help you earn your degree more quickly.

Students participating in a virtual classroom

Live video, audio and display screens in both classrooms enable you to hear, see and fully participate in relevant, timely discussions and problem-solving activities across extended classrooms.

Student receiving help from professor

Widescreen monitors and picture-in-picture views deliver visual perspective, allowing students in both locations to explore new ideas together.

Professor writing on the whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards feature two-way sharing to bring data, notes and dynamic case studies to life, right before your eyes, in both classrooms.

Students accessing wireless content sharing

Wireless content sharing allows professors and students to send images, files and documents from their own devices to display screens in both classrooms.

Voice activated motion cameras

Voice-activated motion cameras automatically follow the conversation, while facial recognition software helps the cameras identify who is speaking. You'll see your classmates as clearly as if they were in the same room.

Professor using special projection cameras

Special projection cameras capture images of materials placed below it, including 3-D objects, for live display on the connected classrooms’ whiteboards.

Student reviewing lecture recording

Review and study full recordings of your class as needed, including the whiteboard notes and shared documents.

At DeVry, we're responding to students’ needs for ever-evolving learning experiences, and delivering classroom environments designed to meet them: on campus, online and now in connected classrooms. Experience the kind of live collaboration your future career may soon rely on. It's a different way to learn.