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About DeVry

Student Success and Testimonials

DeVry creates programs with you in mind. We’ve been educating a diverse student body since 1931, helping to prepare them to pursue their goals in a rapidly changing, digital economy.

See how our students have thrived during their academic journey and taken advantage of the opportunity to build their tech and business capabilities.


Student Testimonials

Hear from our corporate and employer partners, who have connected with DeVry to help build their innovative and forward-thinking workforce.


Byron Furdge
Student — MBA, 2021

"Being a student at DeVry feels like being part of a family. They make sure we are well taken care of academically and help prepare us with skills that we can carry into our future careers."


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Amy Brewer
Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding, 2020

"Attending DeVry University has given my life a new direction and hope for my future. I am a 51 year old single mother of 4 daughters starting my life over. But with the support, inspiration and education from DeVry University, the sky is the limit! I am excited for the next chapter of my life and to make my children proud too. Thank you DeVry University for empowering me to a successful future!"


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Daron Lloyd
Student — Bachelor’s in Technical Management

"DeVry is awesome. I feel like I have a new lease on life because of their encouragement and support. I love the technology and feel like I am being prepared for the professional workforce."


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Elana Meyers Taylor
Elana Meyers Taylor
MBA, 2015
The only way I could've made it work with my bobsled career was to have flexible scheduling and to have online schooling. Being at DeVry really allowed me to do that.

Alumni Spotlights

Marco Ruiz
BS in Business Administration – Human Resources, 2019

“My life has improved. Earning a degree at DeVry definitely helped enable a lot of this change.”


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Jonathan Weinberger
BS in Technical Management, 2017

“…the management skills I learned while taking the senior project course at DeVry have been invaluable to me.”


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Serena Nuccio
MBA, 2017; BS in Multimedia Design and Development, 2015

“My favorite part about DeVry from the time I started to finish, four years, every professor cared.”


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Cedrick Greer
Student — Master’s in Information Systems Management

"I transferred to DeVry and it was a great decision. The resources here are helpful."

Valerie Vergara
Student — Bachelor’s in Technical Management

"Attending DeVry has been a valuable experience to me. Everyone who I have encountered or have spoken to has been friendly and quite helpful. The professors that I've had in my classes have been great and have been there if I had any problems or questions. Attending DeVry has truly been one of the best decisions I have made for myself and my future."

Floyd Brown
Associate in Network Systems Administration, 2020

"This is my second time at DeVry. I see how technology has changed over time and I knew that DeVry was the right choice to obtain the new tech skills needed. Like how DeVry brings real world experience and examples to us. I also like how helpful the instructors are."

Brittney MacOm
Brittney MacOm
Student – Undergraduate Certificate in Website Design
The enrollment process and everyone I have worked with from DeVry have been outstanding. I do not feel like another number. The follow-ups even once you begin classes really lets me know I made the right decision choosing DeVry.
Leo Gatlin
Associate in Information Technology & Networking, 2021

"Earning my degree from DeVry has helped me achieve my goal to be an inspiration to others. My advice? If you are thinking about it go for it. Never let doubt hold you back from something that will change your life."

Esther Lyvonne Ogletree
Student — Bachelor’s in Engineering Technology Computers

"Everyone at DeVry motivated me to stay positive and strive for something greater. DeVry has been with me each step of the way and they are willing to help me be successful."

Lynda Dillard
Associate in Information Technology & Networking, 2020

"Thanks to DeVry, I am using my degree to propel myself forward in my career path. You can do it, it's NEVER to late to earn a degree!! Don't let excuses stand in the way of achieving your goals. I would recommend DeVry through and through as I am able to go on with my busy life and attend school on MY TIME. I would not have been able to achieve my degree without DeVry's program and I'm incredibly thankful - now on to the Bachelor's!"

Laedenia Jewell
Student — Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems

"DeVry University helps students discover where they want to go and plan what to do when they get there. The support system here is amazing!"

Karena Thomas
Student — Associate in Electronics & Computer Technology

"When I contacted DeVry, I was helped and encouraged throughout the entire process of enrolling. My advisor made the process easy and was always helpful and attentive any time I had a question or concern. The online classes are very flexible and easy to navigate, and the professors are a pleasure to work with and always answer any question I may have."

Kimberly Hill
Student — Bachelor's in Software Development

"Thank you to DeVry for all of your assistance! I believe that with the assistance and training I have received in my courses, I will be able to pursue new opportunities and will be able to walk through those door with confidence."

Ferdinand Ilagan
Student — Bachelor's in Technical Management

"DeVry has been very supportive of my progress and success. They’ve offered assistance in many ways and programs to help personal and professional development as well."

David Williams
Student — Bachelor's in Engineering Technology - Electronics

"I have a great Career Advisor. She is a good listener who provides great feedback, which I appreciate."

Pierre Mboudi
Student — Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems

"Advisors and Professors at DeVry are really helping students to succeed."

Casey Clay
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Web Design

"Since starting at DeVry University, I have experienced a wonderful community in every aspect. I attend school online, and even though I've faced many difficulties this year, DeVry has shown their support and encouraged me to keep striving forward even during my struggles. They have not only been my place of further education but also an excellent support system in following my dreams."

Mayme Upton
Student — Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems

"I love DeVry! It's the first college experience I have genuinely enjoyed. From the staff to the students and the overall culture, DeVry is here for their students."

Darryl J. Clinkscales
Student — Bachelor’s in Technical Management

"I received an associate degree at DeVry and I wanted to earn my Bachelor's, and DeVry worked with me to plan my scholastic path to success."

Rodolfo Lupian-Ceja
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Web and Mobile App Development

"DeVry provides opportunities to people of all ages to learn. The courses are designed to help you succeed!"

Frank Klimczak
Student — Bachelor's in Information Technology and Networking

"DeVry University has been a terrific experience for me. I am an online student and the flexibility that it offers me is priceless. I am a father of three children and being able to maintain the balance between family and school definitely makes this a wonderful experience. I am proud of myself for taking the leap back into furthering my education, for myself and my family."

Colleen Garvey
Student — Bachelor's in Technical Management

"The online courses have been easy to navigate and I get the needed communication with professors. DeVry does an excellent job of understanding a students work/life balance needs."

Emanuel Vazquez
Bachelor's in Multimedia Design & Development, Video Game Programming Specialization, 2014

"My Career Advisor has prepared me from day one to be a few steps closer to pursuing my dream job."

Olivia Matson
Student — Bachelor's in Technical Management

"I have nothing but good things to say about DeVry and would definitely recommend this school to anyone and everyone looking to further their education."

Chrystal LeMay
Student — Bachelor’s in Technical Management

"DeVry University has helped me tremendously. The staff is prompt, and on point with helping and answering any questions you may have. They are definitely there to serve you."

Christine Cuevas
Student — Bachelor’s in Technical Management

"My Career Advisor was professional and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions with insightful responses, which was very helpful seeing/hearing another point of view on interviewing for jobs and he helped me understand employer's point of view. My advisor made suggestions to improve my current resume and I believe they will help me in these upcoming months during my job search."

Floyd Brown

Associate in Network Systems Administration, 2020

"The knowledge and skills I learned in my Network Systems Administration degree allowed me to expand my role."


Yatin Patel
MBA, 2021

"Attending Keller Graduate School of Management has been a memorable experience for me. I enjoyed that every professor and staff member had some real-life experience related to the course material. Choosing DeVry has genuinely been one of the best decisions I have made for myself and my future. I plan to utilize my educational experience from DeVry in my daily personal and professional life. Thank you to the team and leadership at Keller and DeVry!"

M. Isam Rafeek
BS in Technical Management, 2018

"The courses at DeVry helped me to gain the necessary knowledge I need to succeed. My experiences thus far have been interesting and irreplaceable. I am ecstatic about where my career will take me in the future!"

Jennifer Aragon
Student — Bachelor's Degree in Technical Management

"The online interaction with the teachers and my classmates was way more than I expected. I do love how you can reach out to your teacher almost any time."

Kassandra Troncoso
Kassandra Troncoso
BS in Business Administration – Hospitality Management, 2020
DeVry has helped me become a more patient person, value myself and pursue things I never thought were possible.
Khurram Khan
Student — MBA

"I know that I am in very capable hands with my advisor at DeVry. I highly encourage fellow students to make full use of the excellent advice and resources available."

Keyeshime Fipps
Master's in Project Management, 2018

"DeVry gives you that hands on experience... it gives you the confidence to go out into the real world and be successful at whatever job you decide to pursue."

Winona T Williams
Student - Master's in Human Resource Management

"My Advisor at DeVry gave me helpful pointers to guide me toward pursuing the right career path for me with a Master in Human Resource Management.."

Stuart Bishop
Student — Bachelor's in Business Administration, Human Resource Management Specialization

"I am learning so much at Devry University and I am excited about my future."

Tomisha Bennett
Student — Master's in Public Administration, Healthcare Management Emphasis

"Before working with a DeVry Career Services Advisor, I was stuck on understanding the hiring and interviewing process and navigating how to transition from one career to the next. My advisor was able to give a lot of pointers during our very first meeting! I am excited to see how this process goes and hope to pursue my dream job with a Master in Public Administration, with the assistance of Brandy and DeVry. "

Jose Soto
Student — Bachelor's in Technical Management, Human Resource Management Specialization

"My confidence level increased when I earned my degree in HR Tech Management. DeVry helped me strengthen my two core values I stand strong with, consistency and discipline.."

Cecilia Medina
Student — MBA

"I am delighted with my experience at DeVry. I have felt supported by DeVry since the very first moment I stepped into the school and appreciate how they have checked-in with me, asked me about my goals, and let me know about resources, like tutoring and career services. I have never felt so supported as I do here at DeVry."

Tanisha Wilson
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding

"Career Services is an awesome resource offered here at DeVry. I attend online Medical Billing and Coding classes, and here at DeVry the online courses are just as informational as if you attended in-person classes!"

Lashunda Fraizer, 2021
Student — Bachelor's in Business Administration

"I have gained real-world experience for what it takes to drive the business forward, drive personal growth, drive improved self-esteem and help with the preparation for a specialized career."

Keith Beauford
Student — Master's in Accounting and Financial Management

"I encourage others to reach out to Career Services. I have met with Career Services Advisors who are understanding, with a road map to assist with searching for a job while enrolled in school at Keller Graduate School."

Kaylajo Pena
Student — Associate in Business

"The advisors push you to be great, cheer you on and stand beside you every step of the way. DeVry treats you like family."

Harriett Casson
Bachelor's in Technical Management, Human Resources Management Specialization

"Since enrolling at DeVry, I have gained a better understanding of the field of business, a topic that has always interested me."

Heba Melek
Student — MBA, 2021

"DeVry has helped me become more confident in my career, and I have uncovered new strengths in my personality."

Kersha Robinson
MBA, 2019

"My experience at Keller Graduate School of Management shaped my life personally and professionally. I became more confident and started my own part-time business because I believed in myself and stepped outside of the box."

Jamie Gonzalez
Student — Bachelor's in Management

"From the very beginning, DeVry helped with my enrollment and getting me back into school. Everyone I have talked to has been so great and helpful, and it made my decision to continue at DeVry easy. I also like that every time I have a question, I'm able to get help right away."

Marie Jeanbaptiste
Student — Master's in Public Administration, 2020

"My education at DeVry gives me a clearer purpose for the future."

Richard Sommerfeld
BS in Technical Management, 2018 and MBA – Project Management, 2020

"Online learning has helped me become a self-starter and shown me how to prioritize and produce high volumes of work more efficiently."

Saadat Usmani
Student — Master's in Project Management

"I had a very good experience talking to DeVry's Career Advisors about resume writing and job searching. My advisor was very knowledgeable and explained all the technical details of resume writing in a very professional manner. "

Byron Furdge

Student – MBA

"All of my touch points have helped me to become successful as a student."

Kassandra Cueto

BS in Business Administration, 2020

"DeVry helped me pursue things I never thought possible."

Geraldine Guinto

BS in Technical Management – Human Resources, 2019

"From my first experience at DeVry to the last, I felt cared for and supported by the team at DeVry."


Sarah Leahy

Master’s in Accounting & Financial Management, 2018

"DeVry helped me get my degree on my time."

J. Maxx Balgemann
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

"At DeVry, your Career Advisor is another set of eyes and ears to review or help set up a resume, and they're here to point students toward a successful pathway. When we as students step up to meet our Advisor half-way and do our share on our path to success, it's a win/win. Thank you!"

Heather Roberts
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

"Talking to a Career Services Advisor at DeVry was extremely helpful. I am so happy I set aside some time in my schedule to meet with her to discuss my career goals and my resume. The Career Services Advisor made sure I understood the edits she made to my resume to better tailor it to the career I want. I feel much more confident now to apply for jobs that I want and I have a better understanding of how to achieve my goals."

Stefan Hill
Student — Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration

"Since I have been a student at DeVry it has been amazing - everyone has been so helpful. I love how the Advisors reach out to you and check on how you’re doing in the classes. It makes me feel really good and makes me feel at home. It shows me that they care about me and my future."

Rhonda Harris
Student – Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration, 2021
In 2020, DeVry staff was there for me every step, making sure I was able to keep going despite what was going on around the world. And here I am in 2021 headed for the home stretch and it is with much humility and joy that I can say I am super excited with all I have accomplished over the past 3 years.
Christina Porto
Student — Associate in Health Information Technology

"Attending DeVry has added value to my education experience as well as enhanced my personal life. DeVry has helped me appreciate the hard work that goes into getting good grades and the rewards that follow. Thank You, DeVry!"

Tiffany Page
Student — Associate in Health Information Technology

DeVry has been so much more than I expected. Not only am I earning my degree but I'm getting interview tips and advice. I'm getting help with making a resume. Also I feel confident to know that DeVry will be there to help me through the job search process.

Nelta Neal
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

"I'm currently enrolled in the Medical Billing & Coding program at DeVry University, and using HireDeVry to assist me with pursuing my career goals. My Advisor is friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all my questions/concerns. HireDeVry has a lot to offer, such as resume writing, mock interviews, job listing etc. I highly recommend this resource to all the students."

Rhonise Shaw
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

"I highly recommend DeVry. The online education experience has been great and the student support is phenomenal. DeVry strives for you to succeed in all your courses and offers all the resources needed. Really love DeVry."

Vanessa Little
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

"I have received so much value from everyone from DeVry. I thank you all so much."

Abby Matherne
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

"I have had the most positive experience with DeVry. The weekly phone calls with my advisor kept me on task and helped prepare me for what to expect once classes started. I am so happy I made the choice to further my career and attend DeVry University."

Fauzia Alavi
Student — Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management, 2021

"DeVry/Keller makes it easier for you to have a life and complete school at the same."

Samantha White
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

"I came to DeVry with a goal in mind for not only myself but my family. I started my classes at the end of the crazy year of 2020. I am now working on my last set of classes prior to graduating this course. I came into this field with no medical background what so ever and I feel that I have gained so much knowledge over the course of these last 10 months. I knew that I had to look forward for my family, to step onto a new path for a new career. I am grateful for all the help I have received along the way from my admissions advisor, financial advisor, professors, classmates and Career Advisor. It is very comforting to know how many people we as students truly have standing in our corner to help us succeed. Thank you to DeVry and your staff for helping a small town girl fulfill big goals that I wasn't sure could happen for someone my age anymore! "

Kanina Gantt
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

"I had not updated my resume in over 10 years and I was nervous about changes, but my Career Services Advisor at DeVry made me so comfortable and gave me the encouragement that I needed. She made sure I completed and updated my resume so I can pursue new opportunities after receiving my certificate in Medical Billing and Coding. "

Valerie Nicholson-Miller
Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding, 2021

"I'm so glad I chose DeVry to pursue my passion! From start to finish, my journey toward earning my Medical Billing and Coding Certificate has been great. Thanks to everyone in Admissions, Professors and Career Advisors who guided me to the very end!"

Yowanda Brooks
Student — Bachelor's in Technical Management, Health Information Management Specialization

"Hands down, my Career Services Advisor at DeVry was outstanding!"

Krystal Snow
Student — Associate in Health Information Technology

"After meeting with my Career Services Advisor at DeVry, I could see where I could improve my resume. With their help, I feel prepared to pursue so much more in the Health Information Technology field!"

Amy Brewer

Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding, 2020


"With the support, inspiration and education from DeVry University, the sky is the limit! I am excited for the next chapter of my life."

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Corporate and Employer Partners

DeVry University partners with thousands of organizations to help put higher education within reach. Read what our partners have to say about our united commitment to giving students the opportunity to earn their degrees from our accredited university and pursue their career goals.

Erika Broadwater
National Association of African Americans in Human Resources
When we partnered with DeVry University in 2019, I was elated to see this proposed agreement come to fruition. Particularly for the working class, which has limited time to take a full course load and obtain their degree. Most, if not all, professional careers require a four-year college degree. So, it was essential for us to partner with DeVry, wherein our members have the opportunity to prepare to advance their careers.
Amy Vogelgesang
Cincinnati Computer Cooperative
DeVry has been an incredibly valuable partner for our nonprofit. They have donated decommissioned computers to help our local community, and in turn, DeVry students know they can come to us for low-cost laptops. It's a great synergy – in a wonderful way, it's more than the sum of the parts. We are so grateful for their support.
Greta Russo
Lotus Marketing & Events
Lotus Marketing & Events is an event planning, marketing and PR company that creates and manages the branding process for their clients. We reached out to DeVry University for an intern because we wanted to look outside of the normal scope to give a fresh perspective to the process. I needed someone who was studying business, marketing, public relations, communications and project management and who understood the "why" to what they were doing and I received that with my intern Chelsea.
Samuel Alaniz
Medina Valley Independent School District
DeVry University has gone above and beyond to make MVISD feel like a partner in Education. Our teams across the district have utilized their professional development platforms to further their knowledge and skills. The University remains in constant contact to learn what they need to do to accommodate our always changing situation as a public school district.
J. Defrancesco

"DeVry University/Keller Graduate School of Management graduates have been a great addition to our growing Technical Finance team. The knowledge they receive from this program gives them a vast understanding on how to mix the latest technology and incorporate into a financial working model. The students who have started with us from this program have hit the ground running."

Sandra Jordan
Lincoln College of Technology

"In my tenure with Lincoln Technology, I have had the pleasure of working side-by-side with DeVry University. This relationship has been instrumental to our students, faculty and staff. Education is something both of our organizations work hard to stay in the forefront, and so this collaboration is one that will help us all sustain future growth."

Heidi Richardson
Sacramento County Department of Child, Family, and Adult Services (DCFAS)

"DeVry worked with the Sacramento County Department of Child, Family, and Adult Services (DCFAS) to provide “The Professional Growth Series: Webinars and Workshops” on time management strategies, enhancing customer service, effective communication, achieving career goals, managing through change and building project management skills. The online format during the COVID-19 pandemic provided flexible opportunities for staff to expand important skills and interact with colleagues from remote locations. We appreciate the DeVry presenters for making this excellent opportunity possible during the pandemic."

Margaret Kingham
Williamson College of the Trades

"Williamson feels extremely fortunate to have a standing articulation agreement with DeVry. It is long-standing, has helped many Williamson graduates finish their bachelor’s degree, and the personnel has always been more than helpful and available whenever I’ve had questions. To that end, my contact at DeVry has reached out on numerous occasions to ensure our articulation agreement with DeVry continues smoothly and with no interruptions. It is a beautiful partnership we hope continues for a long time!"

Adam Jayme
Grad Solutions

"It has been a great pleasure working with DeVry University. They have an admissions team that is very welcoming and friendly. They are adept at getting to know prospective students, making them feel comfortable and helping them discover a program best suited to their interests and goals. Because of their professionalism and commitment to customer service and their quality, career-focused academic programs (online and on-campus), I am happy to refer students without hesitation to DeVry University. I know that our students will have a positive post-secondary learning experience."

Dr. Curtis Breville
C.H Breville Consulting, LLC

"The flexibility of DeVry University’s online and hybrid learning options, which they have offered for decades, makes continual learning a non-issue and demonstrates the practicality of their learning model."

Fredy Yoverti Alvarez Fonseca
Universidad Catolica de Oriente

"Our partnership with DeVry has allowed our students to access a flexible, clear and highly professional source of knowledge."