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By DeVry University

April 1, 2020
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As people are struggling to balance their work and family priorities in these uncertain times, we recognize this may be causing a new level of stress and anxiety for many of us. In response, we are offering professional development webinar videos on a variety of topics such as self-care, business communications, and other best practices specific to working in times of stress.

Please feel free to explore our first three webinars in the series, with more being released in the coming weeks.

Professional Development Videos

Taking Care of Yourself When Working Remotely
In times of chaos it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself. This workshop focuses on practical self-care tips to remember while working remotely.

Embracing Uncertainty: How to Thrive During Change
Embracing uncertainty can create opportunities for reinvention and growth. This workshop gives practical tips to leverage uncertain times as a growth opportunity.

Growth Mindset: How Developing a Growth Mindset Can Help Us Thrive in Challenging Situations
Learn how developing a growth mindset can help you move forward and create resiliency, which allows you to be your best self in any situation.

Building Relationships Through Recognition
Giving recognition can help build both personal and professional relationships. This workshop covers the various types and benefits of recognition, how to make it part of your everyday life and more.

Building Your Personal Brand
The importance of building your personal brand is continuing to grow. This workshop covers topics including the benefits of personal branding, how to build a personal brand and more.

Building a Career Plan for Success Today and Tomorrow
Career planning can be daunting. Learn from one of DeVry’s top leaders on how to tackle planning for career success.

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