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Improve Your Mindset for Success with Purpose, Passion and Pace

By DeVry University

March 15, 2021
4 min read

Ever wonder what allows some individuals to achieve their goals while others may struggle to take the first step? For some people, the difference between failure and success can amount to one asset: their mindset.

Since beginning his Master’s of Business Administration in Human Resources at DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management, James Clark found himself relying on a motivating mental formula he developed and honed while working as an Appliances Manager at Best Buy. Clark shares these tips with his employees when they need a boost in productivity, a spark of enthusiasm or a fresh outlook on their daily tasks.

“I don’t brag about many things,” Clark laughs. “But this is one that I actually am proud of because it works. It has helped the employees I train and it helps me in my own life as well.”

This unique self-help formula, which has motivated Clark to maintain a 4.0 GPA while working full-time during graduate school, consists of 3 key variables he believes every employee—and individual seeking progress—can use to develop a mindset for success.

The 3-P Formula

If you’re looking to achieve a goal, Clark recommends focusing on these 3 simple—yet powerful—Ps to improve your mindset:


“When I think about what makes a great employee, there are three things: the first is purpose. The employee must have a clear purpose—they have to know why they’re going to work every morning, what they wish to accomplish and why it’s important. You should have a reason for your goal that will motivate and convince you to achieve it.”

So whether you’re ready to take the next step in your education or check another project off your to-do list, remember why you’re doing it, why it’s important to you and what you stand to gain by taking on this challenge. Remembering your purpose can be a powerful motivator.


Once you’ve identified the core reason for your goal, pursue it with vigor and passion.

“You have to feel a passion for your purpose,” Clark says. “You have to feel excited about what you’re doing because that excitement will push you to act.” Throughout his 15 years in retail and sales, passion has fueled his success on the job, but he encourages anyone to apply the same mindset for success to the goals they pursue.

As a student at DeVry, passion motivates Clark to find the support he needs—whether directly from professors or through an array of student resources. Because Clark feels passionate about his schoolwork and his personal goals, he’s willing to take that extra step it may require.


“Finally, you should have pace,” Clark says. “You want to adapt a pace that lets the world know you’re serious. That doesn’t mean you must run, but rather find a pace that fits you and the task you plan to approach.”

In everyday practice, “sometimes pace means you have to listen more carefully to a customer at work. Other times pace may mean taking a break to manage a major life emergency,” Clark explains. “Whatever the task or goal is, follow the pace that fits what you need to accomplish.”

Pace is the aspect of Clark’s formula that requires you to delve into the nitty-gritty details of translating your big goal into small steps you can accomplish over time, at a speed that feels right for you. Want to get fit or lose weight? Schedule a time to chop veggies every weekend. Want to earn an A in class this semester? Blocking out study time in your schedule after work each night may help. Ready to return to school? Start researching programs and get your questions answered.

No matter your goal, Clark’s idea of “pace” encourages you to identify the task you wish to achieve and give yourself time to work on it. You may be surprised by what you can accomplish.

Improve Your Mindset with Education

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