Like Father, Like Daughter

By DeVry University

Like Father, Like Daughter

“The mind is a powerful thing, and when you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.”

Getting to this life-changing affirmation of her personal potential took years for 23-year old alumna Kelly Carrera (BS ’17). As a teenager, a positive mindset eluded her, and Carrera is the first to admit she was a mediocre student in high school. Summing up her teens with a simple “It was difficult,” Carrera went on not only to survive, but to thrive.

The younger of two siblings, Carrera was happy to move on from her suburban Chicago high school but felt trepidation about what lay ahead. She knew she wasn’t wired for accounting, like her brother. And despite her dad’s guidance to pursue a tech-focused education at his alma mater – he’s a 1988 DeVry alumnus – she chose her own path, enrolling in a community college to get some general education courses under her belt while figuring out the next chapter in her life.

Father Knows Best

In 2014, with gen ed credits in tow, Carrera transferred to DeVry, enrolling in the Computer Information Systems program with a focus on web development and administration. “I think the day I started high school was the day my dad not so subtly began planting the seed about DeVry,” she mused. “Somehow he always knew I’d end up at DeVry, at the same campus he attended in Chicago and even in the same major!”

Father did, indeed, know best. DeVry offered the nurturing environment that to Carrera seemed tailor-made for her. “I came into my own during college,” she said, adding that “with each DeVry class, I gained more self-confidence. High school was tough, and I so wanted to prove to myself I could be a good student. DeVry helped me build that confidence while gaining the skills and knowledge I’ll apply in the work force throughout my career.”

Grateful for how far she’d come and with new-found confidence, in 2016 Carrera applied for a financial award from the DeVry Education Group Scholarship Fund. For the required essay, Carrera penned her darkness-to-light quest to overcome the past in order to shape her future. Her courage to reflect on her earlier days as she wrote her essay paid off. Carrera earned a scholarship that enabled her to concentrate more fully on completing her degree program.

“Having overcome so much makes me incredibly positive about my future,” said Carrera, adding that “I hope my career will one day be as impressive as my dad’s. I’ve set my sights on eventually being a web developer at Google. That’s a lofty goal, but I’m now comfortable dreaming big and know I’m capable of taking steps to help get me there. My dad graduated from DeVry nearly 30 years ago and has had a great career working for mega companies, small start-ups and himself. For now, I don’t need to know exactly the path I’ll take to my personal definition of success, I just know I have the confidence to make it happen.”

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