Great Cities

Great Cities In Which To Launch Your Career

By DeVry University

Google “Irving, Texas” and you’ll learn a lot about the 13th largest city in the Lone Star State. What
Professor Google won’t serve up about Irving are two things: It’s home to DeVry University’s largest
campus in Texas and, according to Business Insider, it ranked number one on the list of best cities in
which to launch a new career.

For sure, this is great news for our students and recent graduates in the Irving area who are about to embark on their professional journeys. But DVU has campuses, and students and alumni, nationwide. While we respectfully pay homage to top-dog Irving, the spotlight can certainly be shared with other cities that ranked pretty high up there – and that just happen to be home to, or at least in close proximity to – a DeVry campus.

To determine the best places for new grads to start their careers, Business Insider tapped into personal finance site WalletHub, which analyzed and ranked the 150 most populous U.S. cities based on professional opportunity and quality of life.

Metrics included number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 inhabitants, housing affordability, job growth (adjusted for population growth), starting salaries (adjusted for cost of living), recreation ranking, unemployment rate and leisure establishments per 100,000 inhabitants in the area.

Here’s WalletHub’s list of the top 30 cities in which to launch a career. Want to see where other cities fall? Where the city you’ve always dreamed of living ranks? Check out