The best tech and business jobs of 2015.

The Best Tech and Business Careers for 2015

By DeVry University

Today’s job market is full of opportunities across many industries and the recent U.S. News & World Report list, “The 25 Best Jobs of 2015,” touts a handful of technology and business jobs expected to shine in the near future. We took a deeper look at some leading career paths with regard to job outlook, growth opportunities and salary.

Software Developer (No.3)

While a developer’s overall goal is to work on applications, design software and build operating systems for computers, tablets and mobile devices, some may be involved in the business logic or architectural design of the system or coding.[1]

ŸŸRecommended Degree Programs: Computer Engineering TechnologyComputer Information Systems

Job Outlook: Over the next 7 years, software developers have a job outlook of 22%, much faster than average.[2]

Salary: The median annual wage for a software developer is $90,060.[3]


Computer Systems Analyst (No. 7)

A computer systems analyst combines technology and business to complete a number of everyday responsibilities. These professionals must examine and understand a client’s business and how the implementation of specific technologies can improve computer systems.

Recommended Degree Program: Computer Engineering TechnologyComputer Information Systems 

Job Outlook: Between now and 2022, computer systems analysts have a job outlook of 25%.[4]

Salary: The median salary for a full-time computer systems analyst is approximately $79,680 annually.[5]


Information Security Analyst (No. 8)

In light of recent cyber breaches, the role of information security analysts is more important than ever. These professionals protect computer networks from cyberattacks by monitoring and analyzing information and assisting with investigative work to see if a breach has occurred.[6]

Recommended Degree Program: Computer Information Systems 

Job Outlook: With the highest job outlook among the listed technology jobs, information security analyst jobs are expected to grow by 37% over the next seven years.[7]

Salary: The median salary for information security analysts is $86,170 a year.[8]


Web Developer (No. 11)

Creating websites is the name of the game for web developers; they create the look and feel of your favorite websites from the layout and fonts to overall design and capability.[9]

Recommended Degree Program: Computer Engineering TechnologyComputer Information Systems

Job Outlook: Employment of web developers is expected to grow 20% between now and 2022.[10]

Salary: Web developers earn a median salary of $62,500.[11]


Accountant (No. 16)

No matter the industry: corporate, non-profit, public or government, accountants are tasked with keeping and inspecting financial records, preparing taxes and audits and providing consulting services to clients.[12]

Recommended Degree Program: Accounting

Job Outlook: Accountants and auditors have a job growth expectancy of 13%.[13]

Salary: The median annual salary for accountants and auditors is $63,550.[14]


Financial Advisor (No. 25)

Overall, a financial advisor works on behalf of clients to assist with financial planning, including creating budgets, putting together retirement plans and making investments.[15]

Recommended Degree Program: Business Management – Finance Specialization

Job Outlook: As a personal financial advisor, professionals will see 27% job growth through 2022.[16]

Salary: Median annual salaries for financial advisors are $67,520.[17]

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