Get to Know DeVry University in the USA

As a university providing a quality education, DeVry University has high standards for all of our students. We want to help our International students become familiar with our policies as well as your new country so your experience at DeVry and the USA is a success.

DeVry's Academic Integrity Policy

DeVry University expects mature and responsible behavior from students and strives to create and maintain an environment of social, moral and intellectual excellence.

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Ideas and learning form the core of the academic community. In all centers of education, learning is valued and honored. No learning community can thrive if its members counterfeit their achievements, or seek to establish an unfair advantage over their fellow students. The academic standards at DeVry University are based on a pursuit of knowledge and assume a high level of integrity in each of its members. When this trust is violated, the academic community suffers and must act to ensure its standards remain meaningful. The vehicle for this action is the Academic Integrity Policy. The following are the guiding principles of the academic integrity policy:

  • Consistent Beliefs and Actions: Academic integrity is not simply a set of rules, but rather a consistency of belief and action that creates a supportive environment for teaching and learning and shapes the community’s attitude toward its members, potential members, and the general public.
  • Clear and Accurate Representation: Providing a clear and accurate representation to potential students of what DeVry University offers and expects academically is an important step in the process. This stance must also guide the assessment, placement, and evaluation of incoming students, as well as the ongoing application of academic standards, whose goal is the equitable treatment of all constituents, consistent with the values of the higher education community at large. Neither prejudicial nor preferential treatment nor the relaxation of standards, regardless of how well-intentioned, ultimately serves this goal.
  • Maintaining Academic Integrity: The ongoing activities of teaching and learning must also reflect the principle of proactive support for maintaining academic integrity. A proactive stance includes clear guidelines concerning prohibited practices, arrangements for testing and evaluation that discourage cheating, use of plagiarism detection tools, and other such methods.

The Academic Integrity Policy is designed to foster a fair and impartial set of standards by which alleged violations of this policy are judged. All students must adhere to these standards. See the student handbook for the complete Academic Integrity Policy. The Academic Integrity Policy will be reviewed in more detail during your New International Student Orientation.

Connecting with Others

Student Activities

Inviting Family to Visit the U.S.

Student Testimonials

Student Activities

DeVry University offers a wide range of activities and clubs, including many professional organizations, in which students can participate. Most activities are planned by the student government or activity organization at each campus. In addition, several curriculum-related organizations, such as computer and electronics clubs, are offered, as are student-produced newspapers and special interest groups in such areas as chess, martial arts, and photography. A variety of intramural sports and field trip activities are also available.

Inviting Family to Visit the U.S.

Anyone may apply for a tourist visa to the United States if they have legitimate tourist intent. Some steps you and your family may take to increase chances of being granted a B-2 tourist visa:

  1. Write a letter of invitation addressed to your family detailing the purpose of their visit, the length of their stay, and how they will financially support themselves while they are in the U.S. The letter should be sent in both English and your native language.
  2. Provide your family with photocopies of all your immigration documents to take with them to the US Embassy for their visa appointment. It is a good idea to send a document that shows when the University commencement will take place if your family is coming for graduation.

Student Testimonials

Xuan D. Hua, Vietnam I know pursuing an MBA with a concentration in Finance in the USA is the right decision for my future, but it also has a lot of challenges. The small-size classes offered by DeVry create a professional leaning environment and also enhance interaction between Professor-student that help me a lot in adapting with new environment. (Current Student; MBA)

Yuan Tian (Nyx), China I believe no matter how small the effort is, it will add up. It’s a process and you just need to keep going. DeVry inspires me not to give up to difficult conditions. With an education from DeVry – it will help me to innovate solutions to different situations. (Graduate; MBA 2012)

Zongnan Li (Allen), China I believe Knowledge is power. DeVry inspires me. With an education from DeVry, it will help me attain better career opportunities and fulfill the value of my life. (Graduate; BSBA 2013)

Aidan Zhang (Aidan), China I believe great hopes make great man. DeVry inspires me to think from different sides of the same event. The education from DeVry University would help to get top of my world, without studying overseas you’ll never know how large this world can be! (Graduate; MBA)