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Technology Programs

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Today, more and more technical careers are requiring a degree from a University with comprehensive technology programs. We can help make your college education more affordable so you can earn the degree that you need. Get Info

Curriculum developed in partnership with business leaders like Cisco, IBM and Intel

Employers today aren't looking for candidates that need on-the-job training — they're looking for people ready to dive in. That's why we worked with local and national business leaders like Cisco, IBM and Intel to develop curriculum that ensures our students are qualified and well prepared on day one. Learn more

Bob Bunge, Professor, Federal Way

Our technology grads are
recruited by leading companies

Today's tech companies only seek candidates with the most knowledge and relevant experience. That's why they hire DeVry grads. In fact, notable tech employers like Microsoft recruit our grads because our priority has always been preparing students for technical careers. Learn more

Microsoft - HP - Cisco - Verizon - Intel - Abbott Labs - Apple - IBM - AT&T

Toni Zupp, Student, Columbus,
Computer Information Systems

Onsite Engineering Technology programs accredited by ETAC of ABET

In addition to our status as an accredited university, our onsite Engineering programs may also be accredited by ETAC of ABET, the premier accrediting body of engineer technology. The following programs are accredited, by location, by the ETAC of ABET: Biomedical Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, and Electronics Engineering Technology. ETAC of ABET accreditation provides assurance that these technology programs meet the quality standards established by the profession for which our students are preparing. Learn more

Larry Lazofson, Professor, Columbus


Hear from students, faculty and alumni about our technology-focused degree programs.

Thomas Beiser
B.S., Computer Information Systems

Ieng Uth
Student, Network & Communication Management

Curtis Breville
B.S., Computer Information Systems

Bob Bunge
Professor, Federal Way

Taso Triantafillos
B.S., Network & Communications Management

Jim Willows
Student, Network & Communications Management