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Campus Life

The education continues after class.

Located in some of the most exciting metro areas across the country, campus life at DeVry University offers something for everyone. At our DeVry University campuses and centers, you can meet people who share your goals, attend social and networking events, learn a new hobby, join a student chapter of a professional association, or even start your own organization. Get involved in student government, intramural sports, the school newspaper, and other activities. At DeVry University, there are countless ways to meet new people and continue your education outside of the classroom.

Explore below to learn more about campus life at DeVry University and schedule a campus tour today.

Clubs & Organizations


From professional organizations to honor societies, DeVry campus locations offer a wide range of activities and organizations in which you can participate. Choose a field below to learn more about professional organizations that might be available through your DeVry University location.

All Degree Programs

In addition, certain DeVry University campuses offer curriculum-related organizations, such as computer and ham radio clubs. To learn more about student activities, request more information about DeVry University.

Student Housing


If you're in need of housing near your DeVry University campus, our Student Housing Office can help.

Some housing options that might be available through your DeVry campus locations include:

  • Private apartments in the university's vicinity: leasing terms are established between apartment owners and students.
  • Student plan housing: furnished, shared apartments that are leased through the university.
  • Private rooms: housing in private residences with leasing terms established between property owners and students.
  • DeVry University housing: DeVry University's Fremont, CA campus offers on-campus housing at Taylor Hall.

DeVry University is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in housing, and all housing to which students are referred complies with this policy. Your admissions advisor can provide additional information on housing, including approximate housing costs.

Campus & Classroom Environment


Up-to-Date Computer Labs

DeVry University's computer labs are designed with input from today's leading high-tech companies. In the computer lab, you can use the same up-to-date hardware and software that you will use in the real world.

Advanced Electronics Labs

Our electronics labs also utilize the same up-to-date hardware and software used in the real world. In addition to your scheduled lab hours, you can access the electronics lab for individual and group work.

Student Support System

DeVry campus locations offer students a range of services including financial aid guidance, housing assistance, student internships, tutoring and career development assistance. And the support doesn't stop when you graduate. Alumni may continue to contact Career Services for ongoing guidance throughout their careers.


DeVry University has convenient on-campus libraries at some locations, as well as a comprehensive online library that is accessible 24/7. At the on-campus library, you can find a quiet place to study or access numerous resources including print and electronic journals, textbooks, and online databases.