About HerWorld

DeVry University first held HerWorld to empower high school girls to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). From grassroots, campus-driven events happening in a handful of communities, now, more than 15 years later, HerWorld is a university-wide effort held during the month of March. HerWorld introduces and inspires thousands of high school girls each year about STEM through interactive workshops and by learning the story of other women in STEM careers.

Mayim Bialik | NY Event Speaking

Read more about our 2014 events and partnership with Mayim Bialik.

March: National HerWorld Month

DeVry University celebrates National HerWorld Month each March. In 2010, its inaugural year, more than 5,100 high school girls from hundreds of schools attended more than 40 HerWorld events across the country.

Now with the support of corporate partners, including Microsoft, Cisco and Deloitte, HerWorld continues to inspire thousands of young women in grades 9-12. Through interactive presentations, workshops and high-profile guest speakers with STEM expertise, these young women leave encouraged to pursue their own dreams in STEM.

HerWorld Programming

HerWorld attendees engage in an all-day program, which includes a variety of workshops, presentations and activities. Here is a sample of what a HerWorld event includes:

  • “STEM is all Around Us”
    • Group activity to get girls thinking about how STEM plays a role in their lives
    • Presentation to demonstrate the impact and innovations in STEM
  • The Real Faces of STEM Careers
    • Stories of real women in STEM occupations
    • Guest speakers from local companies and organizations
  • “Be an Innovator: Women are Making a Difference through STEM”
    • Presentation and workshop to get girls brainstorming on STEM innovations they might create one day to make an impact on the world